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  • Finally rooted - many thanks to all those that helped. I encountered some problems when getting root, which made that part harder than it should have been. Overall great box and I learnt loads. Thanks @polarbearer and @GibParadox. I need to have a…
  • Think I have tried all privesc techniques as described in articles quite a few times but I have had no joy. Also tried the exploit in one of the favoured tools but again without any luck. Does the location of where I create files matter? Please D…
  • Compared to other 'Easy' machines this was quite different! I think this box would be easy for those who are familiar with certain tools and quite challenging for the who are not, which was my case. Thanks to @MariaB for their help. A lot of the …
  • Can someone please help. I am trying to compile the standard tool. I have successfully installed the dependency and enumerated the portal with it. However, when compiling the standard tool, I receive a 'package not found' error. The '.pc' file is…
    in Quick Comment by TheJ0llyN1nja July 2020
  • Phew - finally rooted. Foothold - a struggle for me but all the comments in this forum will point you in the right direction. Thanks to @3VAD3 and @TazWake for their help. User - I wasted hours using the wrong tool. If you don't get what you exp…
  • For an 'easy' machine this machine is challenging! All the hints on the forum will help although piecing it together can be tough. The path to root is easy to find without any tools, however, I struggled to get things to run as it was all new to me.…
  • Wow, what a ride - finally rooted! Great machine - learnt a lot. Thanks to all those who helped me. Happy to repay the debt so PM for nudges.
    in Book Comment by TheJ0llyN1nja June 2020
  • Given all your comments, I must be doing something really stupid or not seeing the obvious, as I am struggling to get a foothold. I have tried 'bypassing ' using Burp Suite and use of the 'curl' command but without any joy. As a nube, please can s…
    in Magic Comment by TheJ0llyN1nja May 2020
  • Finally rooted - thank you @p4ncake for your hints....
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    in Remote Comment by TheJ0llyN1nja May 2020
  • Got the root flag but still stuck on getting a reverse shell - please DM me with some nudges as it is driving me mad!!!
  • I am a nube and I was hoping that someone could help me with privesc to root. I have successfully accessed the box and managed to get user flag, hopefully by the desired method. I have appended a line to the '0xxxxxxxr' file + some additional step…

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