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  • Type your comment> @Wolfstorm said: (Quote) How do you know what to do? Are there articles available for example?
  • Type your comment> @pawanjswalhtb said: (Quote) Are you using sudo and/or are you root on your own machine?
    in Fortune Comment by TheGrayMan July 2019
  • Nice box, made it way to difficult for myself on the root part xD
    in Fortune Comment by TheGrayMan July 2019
  • This should be rather obvious actually from the layout of the HTB website but why figure it out yourself: * Go to * Go to machines * Go to new submission Whilst we are on the topic, make sure you've read, and complied with, the rules…
  • (Quote) Why try to avoid an excellent learning opportunity? If you have already obtained the c*.k** it should from there on just be a few steps until you can circumvent the warning on https. Have a look at this one:…
  • I think I can safely assume you are a total beginner at this. The main focus of HackTheBox is to offer it's members a chance to practice/learn penetration testing by making self-made machines available which consist of particular vulnerabilities wh…
  • Help with what? (Quote)
  • (Quote) Try google:
  • Can someone confirm the following: I generated my own keys based on "things" found. And when using curl on the 443, it will return a 302 FOUND and list a pretty 'strange' redirect location? PM me for more details, don't want to spoil her…
  • Got the second mssql user:pass and now trying profusely to get a file upload or shell but thoroughly stuck... Any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated...!
    in Querier Comment by TheGrayMan June 2019
  • Can someone pls give me a nudge on how to get root. Got p*** running and see a potential thingy but don't know how to advance... Help would be appreciated!
    in Writeup Comment by TheGrayMan June 2019
  • Nvm got root, just need to read better
    in Swagshop Comment by TheGrayMan June 2019
  • Anyone willing to give a nudge on the admin part? Got a rev shell, did enumeration, found v*, tried s*** but asks passwd...
    in Swagshop Comment by TheGrayMan June 2019
  • Hi! I've managed to obtain the data, key and IV but whatever I try, decrypting doesn't work. Anyone willing to help me out?
  • Anyone got a hint how to 'exploit' the thingy on the long url?
  • Anyone got any hint on how to circumvent the websites banning system? Thoroughly stuck...
  • Hi! Answer 1: there isn't a way to see if anyone else is connected to the box unless he/she gets the user/root flag and submits that flag, then it will be posted on the Shoutbox. Answer 2: there isn't a way to see if the box is 100% reset or still…
  • I'm currently pretty stuck in the limited shell and have only one way to go: the .c file but I am unsure how to proceed, anyone willing to help me out here?
  • What a journey, finally rooted it...
  • (Quote) I find way too much, but 99% is useless, haven't found the 1% yet either
  • Anybody willing to help me? I am at the login right now, used c**l to gather all the words it could find. Made wordlists out of those and then used Hydra... but... there wasn't a single valid combination....
  • I have user, now onto root. I do know what to do with the r**-file but one way or the other I can't get it to work. Anyone willing to have a look at my proces/proceedings?
  • Anyone willing to give a hint (PM) on file upload? Genuinly stuck, have researched several things and tried even more, can't seem to get it working.
  • (Quote) I have ran several scripts for several minutes, ain't happening anything...
  • Can anyone give me a hint as to why I see the magic bytes, Google them, end up with a program B***, use it and then get the error that B*** can't do it's magic?
  • Can anyone point me kinda in the right direction after logging-in?
  • Has anyone got a hint for root.txt? I know I should use w**t and tried several things which didn't result in anything yet.... PM would be nice
  • Any hint on which c***** & d***** to use when cracking the .enc file? Have build a python script but it doesn't seem to work after 2+ days of trying
  • Literally stuck on Priv Esc, using I******t but it keeps on failing. Any nudge (PM) would be nice.

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