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  • If anyone has time. Could someone PM me a nudge on this one. I'm able to login to a shell, but i'm not able to capture credentials for ldapuser's or escalate to root.
  • Yeah been poking around this box and found a few rabbit holes. Is someone around to help steer me in the right direction? Been enumerating and testing for vulns for several days. Not sure what is left to test.
    in Rabbit Comment by Th3R0ck May 2018
  • @sk2k Not sure what happened, but i re-ran dirsearch and it found the elusive directory.
    in Stratosphere Comment by Th3R0ck May 2018
  • @sx02089 Glad that was able to help you ! :-)
  • Hey guys I've tried a few wordlists raft-large, common-tomcat-directories and dirbuster-medium while attempting directory brute forcing, but it doesn't look like i'm able to find much. I've found the management console, and attempting Hydra on that;…
  • @czvx look for the conversation using the web browser :-).
    in Aragog Comment by Th3R0ck April 2018
  • Hey guys, struggling with the privilege escalation for a couple of days ,and looking for a life line. I've got a hash from the WP-> DB, and tried cracking it without success. I was looking around as one user for anything odd, and nothing is jumpi…
    in Aragog Comment by Th3R0ck April 2018
  • Thank you @Laegir, i bet it is something that is staring me right in the face :-).
    in Valentine Comment by Th3R0ck April 2018
  • Hey guys, anyone around for a question. I tried to get the passphrase using john and some common pwd lists, no luck. Is there another technique i should be looking at for getting the passphrase?
    in Valentine Comment by Th3R0ck April 2018
  • @Alexander1212, i found the book "Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking" was a great starting place for me, and IPPSEC video's on YouTube helped a lot. I hope this helps, cheers!
    in Valentine Comment by Th3R0ck April 2018
  • CyDefUnicorn , look for what is odd in the user's home directory and figure out how it got there :-)
  • Anyone available for a DM. I have a couple of questions, and don't want to add spoilers :-)
    in Poison Comment by Th3R0ck March 2018
  • Hey for those that have been struggling with the login credentials. If you run the tool cewl to generate the password list from http:///nibbleblog/, then cleanup the data (remove things that are obviously not going to be the passwords). Take the re…
    in NIbbles Comment by Th3R0ck March 2018
  • Hey guys, i'm doing the privesc on the box, and i get root. Then a couple min later the box stops responding when i attempt to exec a command (cat /root/root.txt). Would someone be willing to DM me. I'd like to make sure i'm looking at the right thi…

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