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  • @darkcyber said: (Quote) Just finished the challenge, didn't take very long. This comment was really helpful!
    in Grammar Comment by SolSanctum May 2019
  • @Kinjo said: (Quote) Thank you!!
  • (Quote) Saw that, tried setting it in my hosts file, didn't do anything. :/
  • It's already a thing: As per the readme, they're planning on implementing those writeups into soon.
  • Just finished this box completely. I believe that @snowscan could have added an extra layer to this challenge since he had other containers to play around with. Great job, @snowscan! Loved the challenge! EDIT: Looking back, it makes total sense wh…
  • (Quote) Yes, there's supposed to be an initial value for check.
  • (Quote) It seems to break often on the public server, hence all the resets. Sometimes, the "Verify Status" button on the Diagnostics page doesn't even return anything.
  • Deleted comment.
  • Just had a conversation with someone on port 21. That was fun ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Type your comment> @rlfonseca said: (Quote) I was corrected in private. All roads lead to Rome!
  • (Quote) There may be another tool out there that accomplishes the same thing.
  • (Quote) Hmm... you may have found someone else's backdoor. I believe everyone should know about the uncles by the end. Actually, you may have found a clever way to execute the privesc I was trying to use.
  • (Quote) We were working on this box at the same time and this happened to me too! Extremely unstable after getting a shell due to the need to upload files to Querier and people constantly resetting the box. For privesc, just keep enumerating the bo…

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