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  • This was a fun and super easy box. Was not expecting it like this. But glad I got it!
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  • Think I have some idea on getting root. However I'm stuck on the container build part with l**. Could use a nudge if someone can PM me please
  • I'm definitely going to be following this post. Only because even with the experience I have and the certs that I currently hold. Even still it's difficult to find work and sometimes resources in the field.
  • I would be interested in this. Not that AD is a complete weakness for me, but I could use some insight with it. Not to mention Windows SMB and Linux... (your recent box is escaping me right now...Nest) but I'm still plugging away at it.
  • I'm looking over the tool. I ran the command to pull violations. However I know I'm using the tool wrong as it output my usb devices as the violations. I'm stuck on how to make this work. Can someone PM me a nudge please?
  • ROOTED first Linux/Webserver machine! Woo!!! Thank you to everyone that helped. @jkr for a good machine to learn on and for help here and there! @masquerad3r for your help as well as @vsamiamv for all your help!
  • Stuck on trying to get root. I know of GBins and the S*****-****s but I'm still lost on on all of this. I know I'm close, I've even tried going through man pages of J--------------l and so forth... Can someone pass a nudge via pm please?
  • Type your comment> @testmeister said: (Quote) LOL!!! Yes you do... It's the one that has no blinking lights... Most likely the power cord is laying down and wrapped around it.
  • I wonder if it's really going to be an easy machine or not... I've seen and come across some rated as easy to start with and then it's a total... wtf?! Good luck all!
  • WOOO!!!!! Thank you all for the help for getting to root.. Note: If you read this forum topic enough you'll find more than enough information in it to get to User 1, User 2 and on to root! Just takes OSINT of this as well as enumeration of the mach…
  • Getting or figuring out how to get root on this one is baffling me. Got user in less than 5 mins or so yesterday... Maybe I'm just too tired from work and need to come back to this one another day.
  • WOOO!!!! Finally got root on my first non-retired machine. Feels great! Got some nudges and help from good people! Took some notes for my own personal notebook Thanks again everyone! This was a fun one!
  • I feel so stupid now. I completely overlooked an e***-****m little tool that I could use. Finally got user!!! Now on to root!!!
  • Having a helluva time with this Machine. I was able to get users, ports and such. But still struggling on a foothold to gain a credential to login. Mostly seem to be having issues on the cmd line part of it right now. Could use a nudge on command he…
  • WOW!!! Read this write-up. There was a lot to this one!
  • Thank you for this! It actually works where as the alamot's kept failing on me. I'm going to have to work through the errors on Alamot's as well it's probably just some dependency I failed to install
  • Type your comment> @0X44696F21 said: (Quote) Yes, this machine is now retired.
  • This box is infuriating to say the L***. However I was able to get some information out of it. But getting user and to root is the next step, been working on this box the last 2 days (couple of hours a day) and making some progress. May need to call…
  • I'm definitely going to have to come back through and read through all of these pages. I was able to get a shell and traverse some of the directories. But was unable to get user or root flags, little long get the hashed passwords from anywhere. Linu…
  • Type your comment> @xct said: (Quote) Yea, I agree. I may not be the best and still learning. But f*** I thought the crypto challenges at work for our CTF were difficult.... I cracked most of those within a couple of minutes and the hardest one …
  • Well tried a few things manually here sitting at work with just notepad++ and a website for decoding. I've gotten no where so far, I haven't fully tried using a substitution schema yet as the hint is walzer and that's in triple time. But worked with…
  • I personally was looking at this track instead :
  • This one is really eluding me... No pun intended here. I've tried PIL but can't seem to get a return result, I just get a blank line. I've even copied and pasted the "blank" line into a text editor to make sure that it was truly blank. I h…
  • Took me a few moments to find where I had to change a setting to be able to pull this flag. Then I had to be careful about how it was typed. If you need a hint feel free to pm
  • In regards to saving some items for those that achieve root on machines or something. How about make it a challenge coin and on that coin there should be another challenge to some secret machine that the user has to gain root access to?
  • I am having the worst luck with this one. I found the first half of the flag using dnsrecon. However I am having no luck finding the 2nd half of this flag. I tried enumerating for mx records and found none. I even tried attacking a few send mail por…

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