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  • Type your comment> @halfluke said: (Quote) It might be the payload you hosted on imp*** smb server. I seems to have the same issue which you encounter but it seems to be fixed when i change the payload. The AV seems to block certain payloads whi…
  • @monstr @elearning Thanks again for your help in pointing the correct direction.
  • Hi Need some nudge in the right direction on unzipping the file to get the flag.txt file. Have been looking at twitter for hours but wonder what i missed out. Thanks in advance :)
  • Hi guys i trying to follow the steps in Ippsec video but kind of stuck on the step where pwntools call gdb.debug(). Somehow it did not break at main show the gef window as shown in ippsec video Try to google the issue online but no luck. I guess i …
    in Safe Comment by SleepyKaze November 2019
  • Type your comment> @Digsy said: (Quote) Check if there is any new folders you can read as k****a user and view the processes run by root. See if you can link any of them together and try to root from there
    in Haystack Comment by SleepyKaze July 2019
  • Type your comment> @odinshell said: (Quote) Thanks for the hint. finally knew how to escalate to k***a onto the last step of root
    in Haystack Comment by SleepyKaze July 2019
  • Hi. Can anyone provide me some hints on how to escalate s******y user to k****a user? Really appreciate
    in Haystack Comment by SleepyKaze July 2019
  • rooted. Thanks t4l0 for the hint
    in Jarvis Comment by SleepyKaze July 2019
  • Hi guys, need some help in this. I have found the .k**** file and able to extract some passwords from this file. However i don't know what can all these passwords do to help me in my priv escalation?
    in AX Jeeves Comment by SleepyKaze May 2018

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