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  • Same here, found a d********.txt but I think its a rabbit hole
  • Rooted thx @N0xi0us for your help at the root part. Shell easy af, just google User 1: look for juicy info files User2: Its right there, but can be missed root: Again, its right there, think about the covid comment and stay at home, the interestin…
  • Type your comment> @COSMICTHRILL said: (Quote) Same here
  • just rooted the box, I must say it could be an OSCP exam machine. The way from www-data to root is extremly cool. Great machine!
    in Magic Comment by Silky August 2020
  • Type your comment> @vu1ns0c said: (Quote) thank you, i was stuck for hours. looked at it before but didnt search for exploits. omfg it feels so much better now :D
    in Wall Comment by Silky November 2019
  • Type your comment> @stoffern said: (Quote) Can you give a hint on where to use them ?
    in Traverxec Comment by Silky November 2019
  • @OMYT said: (Quote) same here xD
    in Traverxec Comment by Silky November 2019
  • worknig on the g******* right now. but i'm really bad in bof exploitation. i'm able to execute functions inside of the script but thats all. got a really bad try of executing /bin/sh could someone take a look over it ? Please ping me up :)
    in Ellingson Comment by Silky June 2019
  • I got root shell but can only see user.txt, is there something i'm missing ?
    in Carrier Comment by Silky February 2019
  • (Quote) heyy i stuck at the same problem can you help me or gve mea hint ?
    in Comment by Silky January 2019
  • the only hashes i got through t****mp are "{crypt}$6$xJxPjT0M$1m8kM00CJY*************GFQvk3boaymuAmMZCOfm3OA7OK*********************** and crypt}$6$3qx0SD9x$Q9y1lyQaFK**********LOWd33Nwdhj.l4MzV7vTnfkE/g****************************************…
  • can someone help me with t****mp i dont get anything :) pls pm me
  • Im stuck on the /asdiS********* code, i decoded it and it gave me a bunch of random characters and index.php twic ,i read it is something with magic numbers but i dont figure out what to do next
    in Frolic Comment by Silky January 2019

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