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    in Remote Comment by Sekisback March 2020
  • --plugins-detection aggressive is the magic word in this case
  • after the hard ones, this one was a gift from god. thx @dmw0ng for your time to create this one
  • what a ride.
  • nice after work box. thx to jkr root can be done without size playing if you check
  • nice one thx @TheCyberGeek
  • fun ride after forest, straight forward box, no windows vm needed for ys******. thx to @amra13579
    in Json Comment by Sekisback October 2019
  • what a pain... after all, here is my advice: if you feed the dog and send it to the right path, don't play around and try to dump the secret immediately. there is only a short window for that. if you miss this, you have to step back.
    in Forest Comment by Sekisback October 2019
  • need support with the cve i can ping myself, so i have rce. but i cant get the revshell to work nvm, what a pain, got a shell
    in Wall Comment by Sekisback October 2019
  • fun box. Is there someone who did it exclusive in linux? The rubyscript doesnt work
    in Bastion Comment by Sekisback May 2019
  • Type your comment> @br0k3nc0rk said: (Quote) yeah bro nice work
  • (Quote) same spot, activating the backdoor seems to work, but no connection possible any more
  • @MALVO, thx i was able to get a revshell, but that was not the point. the point was that it is a thing of luck if the script will be executed or when. This morning I had no luck with the same commando from yesterday. After 15minutes and a coffee the…
    in Netmon Comment by Sekisback March 2019
  • from my point of view it was a realistic cve, but what i didnt understand is why the same command didnt work a second time. i got root without a shell or login. The i wanted to try the other possibilities to get root, but nothing worked so i checked…
    in Netmon Comment by Sekisback March 2019
  • need some support for root,
  • wow, very nice. tested on friendzone... really cool
  • Type your comment> @egotisticalSW said: (Quote) Giddy
  • Type your comment> @8j8 said: (Quote) check the retired box for this one on youtube, well explained from Ippsec
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  • Type your comment> @m1chaelsh1 said: (Quote) yes its a rabbit hole
  • Nice machine enjoyed this one. User: read the exploit really carefully and follow exactly what you should do, if you did a dirb run there should be a directory which make the most sense for the uploaded tickets. no code changes in the script needed…
  • check github for tweet_dumper
  • can someone who solved this as it should, PM me how it should normally does? I just opened with a picture viewer and can see the flag clearly
  • guys I do not know what you are talking about, maybe over another way to get root. sounds to complicated for me it is OpenBSD 6.3. a quick googlerun leads you to a prehistorical extra orgsam.
  • AWESOMMME i am willing to touch myself. I wrote my first buff_ovrflw and got root.txt with the first shot. Thx to IPPSEC for this video At first hated the box, dont like CTF. But after user an one hour watching IPPSEC's video, another hour to repe…
  • Holy crap what a ride, many thanks to those who lighted me up
  • trouble with the quiz since 6 hours someone willing to discus via pm or better chat?
  • found hidden txt from G*** made a passlist with all chars according to the txt. used his first Name as user. tried it hydra and burp. nothing found :grey_question: nvm got it it ... the last point isn't a part of the pass ;-)
  • i found my way in but i didnt find the way to open the user.txt from the dj. I check linenum since hours. a hint would be helpfull
    in Irked Comment by Sekisback November 2018
  • Nice spoken. I am a rooky and this is my 6th box. I am glad if I ask for a hint and get help. But I ask only after hours/days without success and I explain what I did till this point. Till now the people here gave me good hints like "watch the …
    in Vault Comment by Sekisback November 2018

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