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  • I way overthought root and wasted a lot of time on attempting a kernel exploit I didn't need to bother with. Google with the right terms will literally hand you the path to both user and root for this box. User: Pay attention to the results of you…
  • Type your comment> @Anciety said: (Quote) I'm getting the same thing. Thanks for the tip - will restart a few times and see if it lets up.
  • First box I've done in a while, nice and easy to get me back in the swing of things. Don't rely too much on fancy tools - you don't need them here. Go back to some basics with this one about vulnerable web apps and exposed services. The box gives …
  • Type your comment> @Mumbles said: (Quote) Sometimes you need to create your own.
  • I felt really dumb after I finally hit root. If someone needs to bounce ideas, message me and let me know where you are and what you've tried.
  • I'm in the admin panel, but I cannot find anywhere to upload a shell that works (I've tried a few options I found through various google searches, but none work in this version). I'm expecting somewhere I can upload a script to throw me back a shel…
  • I've tried enumerating the S*** ******* on the target vs my local, but I can't see the thing sticking out at me. I'm starting to feel really, really blind. Anyone care to message me with a nudge to the right direction?
  • I took a few months off from HTB, and either I got really rusty, or I'm missing something obvious. I have the initial shell, and I can see user.txt, but can't read it... whatever I'm missing has to be painfully obvious but I have spent about 2 hours…
  • Depeche Mode, hands down.
  • (Quote) I changed my method last night... I was thinking I knew what was going on, but in reality I was somewhat looking in the wrong place. Found something useful almost as soon as I changed my thinking a little.
  • I can't get anything out of nmap and I've tried every variation of firewall evasion I know. What am I missing, here?
  • (Quote) On almost any machine or web application (this one, others on HTB, and real-world scenarios), it is often more helpful to think like a lazy sysadmin or sloppy user than it is to bruteforce or try to get fancy.
  • > @senorbueno said: > I've been looking at this box all day, I've identified two services. I've enumerated one successfully, the other I have had no luck getting additional info from. I have usernames found. I cannot seem to gain a foothold t…
  • (Quote) Try harder. There's more than only one or two ways to hide files.
  • (Quote) I'd re-run your nmap scan and make sure you're scanning the entire port range.
  • (Quote) My thoughts exactly. It took me days to find the port, and now days on days to figure out the payload and I'm still not there.
  • (Quote) Did you take a look at what kind of file that k file is to begin with?
  • I'm "in" but not as the user I need to be logged in as. If someone would like to PM me to give me just the tiniest nudge on which way I go from here, I'd appreciate the push in the right direction.
  • The username was RIGHT in front of my face all along - I feel silly at how much time I spent looking for it!
  • (Quote) I'm in the same place. I've run a few enumeration scripts looking for the usual suspects in usernames, run CeWL, run the initial exploit what feels like a hundred times, and tried everything I can think of relating to the theme of the box/ex…

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