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  • Your payload is correct but you need to adjust the encoder it seems, under no circumstances would I advocate using msf, you learn little from that approach and it's highly discouraged, but I make an exception with boxes whether intentionally or not …
    in Chatterbox Comment by Saoirse March 2018
  • I forgot, you're correct the box does suck big time :)
    in Chatterbox Comment by Saoirse March 2018
  • Perhaps auto-migrate to a different process, set AutoRunScript post/windows/manage/migrate
    in Chatterbox Comment by Saoirse March 2018
  • I know the feeling, in the same place :expressionless:
    in Aragog Comment by Saoirse February 2018
  • Spoiler Removed - Arrexel
  • You already have the username, think about it and check your enumeration ;)
  • Sounds good, send me an invite :+1:
  • Spoiler Removed - Arrexel
  • useful script: For learning:
  • Here's the deal, when you can point out exactly what exactly the process of understating your scripts or bat scripts mean, then you haven't earned the right to admonish people, they're, I'am, just trying to learn, this is unhealthy, that'…
    in Bashed Comment by Saoirse December 2017
  • It's like watching an AngryJoeShow video review :D I'd love to have access to a sub-forum for each box, password protected by the root flag, then we could discuss why certain things wouldn't work that under different circumstances would of, it's j…
    in Bashed Comment by Saoirse December 2017
  • Excellent, enjoyed reading that, thanks.
  • DM sent :)
  • You could just create /oxx/xxp.px file and the target file remotely and upload them into place :)
  • agreed, I know you can cancel the reset but my eyes are on kali not the hacktheforum, that's four times someones lost my shell.
  • I'm probably looking at this one totally wrong, having trouble getting a session from my PS script in a certain console, it's taking the payload and looks to be initiating but the meterpreter just hangs, should I be looking at 'build' instead, any i…

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