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  • Can anyone assist me in getting a shell from user2? Having trouble getting past the f*** u*****.
    in Registry Comment by Salsa February 2020
  • Can anyone assist me with the initial foothold? I believe I know what to exploit and how, but can't seem to quite get a shell.
    in Sniper Comment by Salsa February 2020
  • Heya, I've got the creds and can generate a t**** and I see the e*** function but I'm having trouble exploiting it. Any nudges would be appreciated. edit: After messing around with p***** a lot I managed to get a reverse shell. edit2: And rooted…
    in Craft Comment by Salsa August 2019
  • Heya, I'm struggling with getting the a******** t*****. If anyone could offer assistance that would be great. edit: Managed to finally get the sytax right on c*** not too long ago. Kinda silly, but whatever, box finished.
    in Luke Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Heya, I seem to be stuck where a lot of people are trying to get user. Trying to get that one script working in my favor. Read through all the discussion but still can't get it. Any help is appreciated. Edit: After fiddling around a bit I managed …
    in Jarvis Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Can anyone help me out with the initial enumeration? I can't seem to properly look into the S** service as expected. Probably doing something silly. edit: nvm, i was being dumb
    in Bastion Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Fun box, learned a lot! Thanks everyone for the hints on here, really helped me along. Root was a bit of a pain even after I saw what I was overlooking, but not too bad.
    in Writeup Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Hey everyone, I'm looking for help getting root. Found somethings that I'm exploring but can't really narrow a path to a privesc down.
    in Haystack Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Hey everyone, I'm a bit new to working with the services running on this box. If someone has some resources and old writeups to help guide me I'd greatly appreciate it.
    in LaCasaDePapel Comment by Salsa July 2019
  • Hey all, I'm struggling with my enumeration of the port 53 subdomains. I've come across several, but much like others in this thread I am struggling to properly change my hosts/resolv.conf file to continue. If anyone could give me a nudge I'd appr…
  • Hey all, Looking for someone who can help me out. Got user np, but struggling to move forward with root. I'm looking for credentials in certain files and could use a bit of help. edit: got the creds, just want to say to make sure to look over eve…
    in Netmon Comment by Salsa June 2019
  • Heya, I am currently having trouble finding the uploaded php file. I believe I have the correct time settings in my script, but am obviously not quite right. If someone wants to pm me so I can explain in more detail and provide me a little more in-…
    in Hint for HELP Comment by Salsa May 2019

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