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  • Type your comment> @lebutter said: (Quote) You may lookup the error. A simple google quickly revealed for me what I was missing. Hint: It was not directly related to Simplepie but m*******e - missing as a module. You also find hints to it in th…
    in Travel Comment by SaThaRiel74 July 4
  • Don't let Travel be your first machine. Great box but has the tendency to demotivate after some days of work ;)
    in TRAVEL Comment by SaThaRiel74 July 3
  • Type your comment> @guanicoe said: (Quote) Just one user and then root - all is good.
    in Admirer Comment by SaThaRiel74 May 4
  • Wow - rooted. Also the way to user and root was really straightforward, the way from user to root was really difficult. Thanks to @plackyhacker for pointing me to the right direction :) Thanks to @thek - really liked this box :)
  • Mixed feelings about this box - the message is clear and I liked it. It was also pretty straight forward. Still I don't feel like I owned this one. Also with root in the end.
  • Good question - as you have to provide your certification ID I expected it t be automatic. However I couldn't find the points for recent activities in my CPE overview (ok, don't need any for the next 2 years with the new CPE program).
  • Can someone maybe help me? I made quite some progress and landed at the planting site. However the whole process doesn't seem to make sense and I am also suck in getting the passwords with a script.
    in Mango Comment by SaThaRiel74 January 7
  • Well, you need to pass an ISC² certification. Most prominent is CISSP.
  • Rooted! After all, this box is easy, but you need to really have the right ideas... * User: After overseeing typical CTF tactics, I was able to find what is needed. Trying to exploit it, I couldn't wrap my head around it and decided at one point th…
    in Safe Comment by SaThaRiel74 August 2019
  • I always have the feeling, that the walktrough is recorded and audio is edited in later. Not sure, maybe we will know the secret one day :smile:
  • Hi, juat to answer your question - ssh exploit after nmap isn't usually the way to get a box. I would say never, but not 100% sure here. However ssh might be used in a later stage sometimes. Dig deeper and gather more information from other se…
  • Wow - congratz. Actually OSCP is my target too - plus having some fun (well, mostly frustration tbh) here :) I thought of it as self-study. The issue is, how many points is a box? I feel like I need around 8+ hours of work - spread over multiple da…
  • Reallly cool challenge, but the flag was also bugging me...need to do more :)
  • Ok, got the box finally using Kali only. Not many rabbit holes here, guess I walked into all of them. Besides this thread, which was really helpful, special thanks to @S7uXN37 for the pushes in the right direction :) Sometimes I will even understan…
    in Bastion Comment by SaThaRiel74 June 2019
  • Got it - finally. Was messing around with too many things and forgot to focus on the essential. But learned a lot.
    in Writeup Comment by SaThaRiel74 June 2019
  • @garnettk said: > I am trying to get a root shell using this guide, am I in a wrong direction? > I think so - there seems to be a much easier way but I am also …
    in Writeup Comment by SaThaRiel74 June 2019
  • Woah, what a box...user was really a hard walk. I know most of the stuff like D** z*** t******* and how to handle that with the web server, but I was completely ignoring other ports/protocols. After I puzzled all together, it worked. Getting root w…
  • http is open normally - at least it was for me. Box may need a reset.
    in Writeup Comment by SaThaRiel74 June 2019
  • Could need some help here too...I think I found all of the pages. However I seem to miss some essental things. This thread does really help my confusion, but not my solution ;)
  • Very common...the reset password button looks too good :D Did it also a couple of days ago. But honestly, since when does netmon have an uptime of 2 hours? ;)
  • Finally got it...really some confusing (and frustrating) concepts here but once you get to a certain level you simply have it (and as mentioned before, root almost easier then user ;) ). Thanks a bunch to @hoodedfigure for the patient help and gi…
    in Luke Comment by SaThaRiel74 June 2019

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