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  • Sooo Ive been at it for days. I’ve got user and the hash/password for the owner of the script. But can’t for the live of me get a shell on the box. Can someone drop a hint? I tried all the packts I can think of.
  • (Quote) Exactly. I had a really great few hours with this box, nice to flow through all the steps for once. DM for hints.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by STY January 2020
  • As an iOS Developer and hobbyist Hackthebox solver - this was really fun! Felt like home, wrote a short Playground file in Xcode to decode the flag and voila 😁
  • Oke, got it! Finally rooted this box. Took me more hours than most but learned a lot.
    in Registry Comment by STY December 2019
  • Ohhhh this box! Although fantastic, I'm stuck at the final part - so close... Got a shell as that last w**-**** user, found some r***** command I can run privileged. Can use that service on any file I want, but can't read it or use it at all. Someon…
    in Registry Comment by STY December 2019
  • Really like this machine and all the python scripts you had to make or edit. PM for nudges.
    in Obscurity Comment by STY December 2019
  • Fun box! Learned a lot. Took me a while because of my lack of knowledge about r****. I got root the initial foothold. PM for hints if you're stuck.
    in Postman Comment by STY December 2019
  • What a box, frustrated at first. But actually pretty fun. I repaired the script and got in like that. PM for hints.
    in Wall Comment by STY November 2019
  • (Quote) This was the one that did it for me. And now reading back all the other hints; can't believe how incapable I was in finding the right command.
  • Yes! Rooted. PM for hints.
    in Poison Comment by STY July 2018

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