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  • stuck on root, using the well known exploit everyone is talking about but its stuck at "waiting for r****ing [...]". from the documentations of the exploit, it seems that the c**n job of the root user will trigger whats needed for the exp…
    in Book Comment by Pub0kia June 2020
  • Took me a full day to root this machine. Hints on this forum are really helpful, just to summarise + abit more spice: User1: OSINT on the website, you will find usernames of EMPLOYEES for the company (just like how you would do in the real world).…
    in Sauna Comment by Pub0kia May 2020
  • rooted. User - classic enumeration tool to find usernames, and a simple password spray (<= 24 attempts) should find you the right credentials. No need for fancy bruteforcing techniques or password wordlist. Guessing works too, this can be found …
    in Monteverde Comment by Pub0kia May 2020
  • Type your comment> @djnux said: (Quote) Architecture of the target machine is important, make sure you are restarting the right service. Sometimes other people are on the machine doing the same things too.
    in Resolute Comment by Pub0kia May 2020
  • Rooted after 1.5 days of work. Users are pretty straightforward and people in this forum have already mentioned everything you need. Initial foothold - enumerate (a classic tool and comes installed with kali). Use the value obtained and try it eve…
    in Resolute Comment by Pub0kia May 2020

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