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  • Starting with OSCP when you cannot afford it doesn't seem like a reasonable choice for me. Start with free certs, like can be found on Then go for some cheaper stuff. Along the way, always apply for jobs. You may not get into PenTesti…
  • Doesn't work for me, any idea why?
  • Hey, thanks for the input. Yeah, I already had to remove the first "recvuntil" to pass the input the first time. But sadly it didn't help with my problem of gets() not reading for the second time. And now that this topic got marked as a…
  • Look at the small "i" icon next to your rank on your profile. It reads (Quote) A machine you owned before got retired, and you lost the points. You didn't lose your rank and it still displayed "0%", but in the background your p…
  • So for the r***c creds, do we need bruteforce? Or watch the show? Can't find any other way to get them.
  • Finally got user. Used metasploit and a python W**** shell. Both said "invalid credentials" for every user:password combination. The ruby script linked in this thread worked. Cost me a few hours...
  • Anyone any hints on how to get out of jail? If anyone needs help at this step: Look at known O*****H vulnerabilities, don't get distracted by the p******l version.
  • Man, that's a difficult one. I'm stuck before User, can anyone tell me if the c****ct.p** on the s****ng VHost is the right path to initial foothold? Thanks edit: nvm, total rabbithole
  • If you're not currently working, try finding a job in cyber security. Even if it is "just" support or beta testing. When you finish university, you then already have experience in cyber security. Plus, working in the sector forces you to …
  • Type your comment> @BigBoss said: (Quote) Same here, can anyone recommend a tool?
  • Finally got root. Hint for User: Don't use google. There are other resources that you can search locally for exploits Hint for root: Look at the processes while opnening a second session. Look at what processes run, and look at directory permissio…

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