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  • Rooted - nice box overall Foothold was the most annoying, but a lesson in reading what you have and reading the appropriate docs User, I spent more time on this, but that was my own stupidity. I was on the right track, just the execution sucked Ro…
  • Rooted, nice box. pointers in this thread should be enough, but remember that you may have to expand your search for a couple of bits
  • rooted, nice and straighforward box
    in Magic Comment by Parttimesecguy May 6
  • Rooted, quite possibly one of the most irritating boxes I've ever dealt with... Thankfully over now
  • Rooted... finally, with the assistance of @VbScrub and @thePtrPn. Still need to work on my windows and DC enumeration and exploitation, but this is a nice box for that
    in Sauna Comment by Parttimesecguy April 1
  • rooted, nice box that's only slightly irritating in places :)
  • rooted, nice little box the clues here, and on the box should get you there
  • rooted. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, I think it would be less tricky if the breadcrumbs were not so well hidden. +++ Okay so I've had a night to sleep on it. I believe that each step is not really that hard, that said as a programmer, th…
  • any reason why I cannot see the C*** directory? nevermind.... that just a little annoying...
  • Rooted (eventually) interesting box, clues here helped, you might have to look to see where interesting files may be being accessed or run from
  • rooted, once I'd got a foothold and some interesting files, it was easier to get root first.
  • rooted, mostly straightforward, though getting root is a bit of a troll
  • Finally managed to get user, after much PS shenanigans, now to mess about trying to get root Though slightly irritating that commands that worked to get shell stop working. flaky box much? edit: rooted, not via a shell, but a sneaky grab at the r…
  • right, I've got command execution, and some credentials for the db, and stolen user credentials from that... what is my next step, I've looked at most of the web files, and looked around the windows box. I have not managed to get a shell yet though…
  • I've got user a while ago and working on root, from what I can gather there are a number of tools that I can use... and from investigation I can honestly say that the documentation associated with these tools fluctuates between non-existent, to bord…
  • rooted... this box can die now
  • Rooted (finally) Interesting box, user has harder than root as my enumeration skills aren`t grand. My priv escalation skill also need a little work, but this was a nice introduction
  • right I have three users and three passwords (all decrypted) and various winrm tools (winrm-shell and evil-winrm) that simply do not work, anyone want to suggest working alternatives? and yes I've tried all combinations of users and passwords
  • rooted (eventually) nice, though irritating at times, box
  • should ch*****n******.sh file be setuid? because its not doing anything useful otherwise? unless I'm the wrong user...
  • finally rooted... wasn`t too keen on user, but root was good fun
  • jeez port 443 is twitchy
  • Rooted, all in linux... very nice box don`t get many windows boxes so it's good to play with one
  • Rooted, nice box... Pretty user and subtle priv esc
  • not a bad box, but not my favourite
  • anyone know how to trigger l******h into doing useful stuff? I can see two possible ways of getting what I want, but cannot trigger either Nevermind, it triggered :) rooted!!
  • Just rooted... There were enough hints on this discussion group that got me to user... root itself was pretty obvious with no hints
  • nice box, got limited shell, worked out the b***p file and it's relation to another file. Got users, stumbled around with priv escalation and finally got root.txt, could have got a shell, but it was just easier snagging the file and running :)
  • right I think I have partial credential, Burp Spider helps with finding what you need, didn`t have to spend ages thankfully
  • ok found the 'right place' but not sure how, then from my reverse shell it worked out easier to ding root and then run around and collect all the flags :)

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