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  • can anybody give me a hint on what to modify on my script . i got the cred but i cannot trigger the listener...
    in Wall Comment by Otichoo September 2019
  • i manage to find that page c***** people were mentioning but trying to figure out the credentials? is there any way other the bruteforce or do i need to poke around? if anybody can DM with a tip i will appreciate it
    in Wall Comment by Otichoo September 2019
  • can somebody give me any hints for root in PM?
  • managed to get past the admin panel after a google search . can't seem to understand where to get access to user
  • can someone give me any hints on how to start with this one? i am fairly new . do i nee to like figure out the site itself and the hidden contents?
  • Anybody can give me an idea on how to get root? i barely have any hints as to where to go to get access to administrator . do i have to check another port?
  • Just as an update . Getting user is pretty straightforward. you just have to know where to look and how to look root seems more tricky

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