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  • it's now september, @21y4d looking forward to the source code box! Possible to upload it anywhere else besides htb?
  • Would really appreciate if someone is able to give a little hint on root @[email protected] i have a hunch on what to do to exploit s**, but after trying multiple attacks/existing vulnerabilities on the t** file type, it didnt pay off, am i missing something? Edi…
    in Fatty Comment by NoPurposeInLfe May 2020
  • Ok. Solved. Thanks to @bjornmorten. Hints Waltz Dance Steps 1. Obvious 2. "Brute Force" 3. "A very simple form of encryption" All three are basic 'encryption' schemes, do not go into complex encryption which require IV's. Use …
  • Coincidentally, im listening to devil trigger XD
  • g*** server down? Edit: Enum the network and Directories! Edit2: Omaigod, rooted after 2 weeks! Would be months if it weren't for the immense help given by @Alienware @TSB @cyberus To newcomers: Get on the box, you'll learn PLENTY! Hint for user:…
  • *Liveoverflow
  • guys i need a nudge for reverse shell, able to perform rce but not spawn a shell. thanks! Edit: have shell, hints for admin? Edit2: ....for root..anyone mind explaining why the net method works
  • ....need help on root....stuck for weeks Missing the ci******** for the d****** function Edit: For root, I strongly suggest downloading the application locally, creating your own database and put some print functions around the crypto functions
  • need hints for root...cant figure out a way to 'serve' the malicious file.
  • Hint: * Banging my head for 4 days thanks to a different program behavior in IDA Remote Linux Debugger, just use GDB * Liveroverflow's 0x16 on Youtube will help you ;)
  • No guessing is required. Hints: 1. For unpacking, follow @opt1kz comment. 2. Find out the conditions of getting the congratulation message. For newbies (Like Me): IDA - graph view is very helpful. Makes Reverse Engineering easier.
  • kinda need help on root....trying to get the important file without pspy...any hints as to which area to look for? tried g0tmi1k's priv esc guide, but i think i might be missing something

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