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  • Rooted. Another fun box! PM if you need a nudge.
    in Magic Comment by Ninjacoder June 30
  • Rooted. Fun Box, I enjoyed it! PM if you need nudges.
  • Rooted. Fun box, more than enough hints around. Message me if you need a nudge.
  • Edit: I got it, I rabbit holed into one user...gotta try them all! One trick is to look at logon numbers, many users haven’t logged in which narrows it down!
  • Rooted intended way, user and root. Great box for beginners, enumeration and a keen eye is required. Thanks to @conan for the nudge for user. PM for hints.
  • Got user finally, went down a rabbit whole with the D***** r******* v2 ap*. Finally figured out the commands to do it correctly, then its all enumeration. Onto root.
  • Rooted. Fun box, learned a lot about Windows enumeration with this one, and it wasn't overly hard. Thanks to @tekkenpc and @twypsy for the help on root. PM for hints.
  • Got User pretty quick, enumeration is key...depending on how you get the output, there could be a lot to sift through. Keep looking. Now root I have no idea, I know next to nothing about windows priv esc. Any hints on what to look for? I see an int…
  • Type your comment> @wolfflow27 said: (Quote) ffuf works really well for initial fuzzing.
  • Fun box. Finally rooted. User was super hard for me, thanks for all who helped me out with it. Root was rather simple, but dont think too hard on it...It will be obvious as others have said. PM if you need help!
  • Rooted. Really fun box! Got stuck on the initial shell but finally got it. Root was all about reading the manual as others have said, I had never heard of the service before but figured it out rather quick. Pm for hints.
  • Got user and finally root, GTFOBins was helpful. Great box! Thanks to @bumika and @c00de for hints and tips for user. PM for hints if you are stuck.
  • Rooted. Thanks for the help from @Huejash0le and @verdienansein . The initial shell is tough, but root was very easy...All about enumeration! Frustrating but interesting box!
    in Wall Comment by Ninjacoder November 2019
  • First box rooted! Was a lot of fun, wrote down all the steps for my own knowledge as well. If anyone needs help feel free to PM. It really made me slap my head when I found how simple it was! Tricky but simple in the end. The hardest part of the bo…
  • Struggling with what to do with credentials of d****. I have RTFM multiple times and have the credentials cracked, just not quite getting what I have the ability to do under the unprivileged user.... Any nudges appreciated, PMs as well.

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