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  • User shell took about 5h because for some reason I chose not to run a well known script as part of my enum4noobs process and instead checked the shares manually which resulted in unnecessary guessing of stuff related to the next step. Root took abou…
  • This was an excellent machine. Thanks for the challenge. User took me about 6-7h and I had to utilize some hints from this thread to orient my approach after I found the first vulnerability. Root took about 6h as well which should've been much qui…
    in Fortune Comment by Neppailija March 2019
  • User flag took about 1,5h of fiddling and reading about the software in use. Based on the posts here some people have listened the traffic some other guy initiated and therefore gave advise that's gonna be a loooooong wait if there's no one else doi…
  • Thanks for the machine! User flag took about 30-40 mins and two cups of coffee. Root flag took about 30 mins and then root shell about 15 mins after that. Learned something new when it comes to figuring out the subgoal of the next step in theory an…
    in Curling Comment by Neppailija March 2019
  • Thanks for the machine! User flag took only a few minutes and was deceptively simple. Root flag took about an hour of reading through articles and finding two different security vulnerabilities regarding the product and then finding a tool for the l…
    in Netmon Comment by Neppailija March 2019
  • Thanks for the challenge! I learned a bunch of stuff while figuring this out. User flag took me about 40mins because I couldn't figure out the correct syntax to connect to service. This was the first face palm moment. Then I setup my initial revers…
    in Querier Comment by Neppailija March 2019
  • Thanks for the box. As for the usual statistics in case anyone is interested: user flag took about 2 hours of on and off poking and figuring out a bunch of small problems to get it to work. Root flag took about 30 mins.
  • Got user flag in about 20 mins and then spent around 1,5h slamming find and reading through lists of files looking for something out of the ordinary. More linux knowledge would have made this much less painful and slow so time to update the good old…
    in Irked Comment by Neppailija March 2019
  • Thanks for the cool machine snowscan! Got user in about 30 mins and privesc took about 11h with all the research and ironing out the kinks to finally get it to work. I knew in theory what I had to achieve early on but couldn't get it to work in prac…
    in Carrier Comment by Neppailija March 2019

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