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  • Right ^, got some resets and slow connection while trying to enumerate. Guess I will wait a little bit.
  • Type your comment> @yxorp said: (Quote) Github could be used as a good friend to find what you need in order to decrypt the hashes.
    in Fortune Comment by N0XYGEN March 2019
  • well i guess nobody will create a discussion two days before any more. anyways, 20 mins left, lets go
  • Type your comment> @CryptoCat said: (Quote) Look at the user name, does it mean something to you?
    in Fortune Comment by N0XYGEN March 2019
  • Finally got root, thanks for those who helped me. The way to get user is cool, I really liked that and waited for a box like this one. Root was hard for me mainly because I didn't try ^everything^, once I tried something else that was in front of m…
    in Fortune Comment by N0XYGEN March 2019
  • (Quote) Go ahead.
  • Golden material man. Thank you very much. Very useful.
  • Need a little nudge here on what I am doing wrong. Can someone PM me? Don't want to spoil anything
    in Fortune Comment by N0XYGEN March 2019
  • Type your comment> @Amen0 said: (Quote) Most of the options you wrote are not needed. Maybe you should write it to a file, it's easier to see the traffic. That worked for me.
  • When I'm reading walkthroughs(which is rare), I try to find another way to get in or whatever. I first read the basic idea and think of other ideas to exploit the service or what it could be. Sometimes I don't find anything so I just give up about i…
  • Fun box, I usually don't like Windows boxes but this one was a cool one, good work. Getting user is pretty easy, can be done in like 5 minutes and even less. Check the first port and see what you can get. You don't need to use GUI, it can be done b…
    in Netmon Comment by N0XYGEN March 2019
  • Very cool box. User was a bit hard for me, been there for few days. Root was really easy, took me around a minute to own it. Going in again for the higher port and trying to get root without exploits. User: Make sure you know how the timing in pytho…
  • nvm
  • (Quote) The (L)port doesn't really matter, metasploit uses 4444 by default. The RHOST and RPORT is something different in this case (especially RPORT)
    in Irked Comment by N0XYGEN November 2018
  • Great box. Seemed to be simple but turned out to be a little bit tough, at least for me. Don't over think it, I know it sounds meaningless but I'm serious. If you're trying to log in to the blog, just look for the user name, it's in front of your e…
    in Curling Comment by N0XYGEN November 2018
  • Stop reseting the box every 10 minutes. There's other people trying to work on it.
    in Access Comment by N0XYGEN November 2018
  • Going there, super excited. Flying all over just to be there
  • Stuck at priv esc, any hints?
  • I need help. I could not find anything except the ports. Any hint? edit, was stupid enough. nvm
  • (Quote) Send me a PM I will try to help you.
  • (Quote) You got LFI, that's nice. Good job. You should stop overthinking this step, I know it might sound stupid because it is not possible for us humans to stop overthink. What I'm saying that it's easy at that step. Simple enumeration will get yo…
    in Poison Comment by N0XYGEN July 2018
  • Rooted. Pretty cool box, thanks to @BlackArrow for the hint. Priv esc was pretty easy, had to reset the box a lot though because somebody kept messing up with the etc files
  • Trying to jump to the other user. Could not find any files that help me on that as I'm trying harder every time. Any hint or advice?
  • Pretty cool box. First I found the wrong way to the root flag but today I figured it all out by myself. Was little tough for me but it is ineed a cool box. Whoever needs a hint lmk in PMS
    in Poison Comment by N0XYGEN July 2018
  • @DrChud It is possible to unzip it on the machine, consider trying other tools to unzip. It is possible to unzip it on the machine, but read about netcat. Whoever that is resetting the box every five minutes, plz stop
    in Poison Comment by N0XYGEN July 2018
  • (Quote) Trying unzipping it with other tool.
    in Poison Comment by N0XYGEN June 2018
  • I don't know if I'm on the right road. I've successfully gained a normal shell and unzipped the file. I checked for services and I think I found the one I need to use, I might be wrong though. However, it tells me that its unable to open display. He…
    in Poison Comment by N0XYGEN June 2018
  • Great, might use it in the future.
  • (Quote) Send me a PM with what you tried, I just owned user and omw to root.

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