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  • For anyone that don't get any output of the first executable, but still works locally - Make sure you compile that in the same build as the second executable under different name.
  • really nice and easy once you figure it out. Just read the description of the challenge, all words connect to each other, ideally on the service. thanks @win32k
  • A lot of false flags out there, a bit confusing. Once you manage to find a website, check what Ronald is saying, that justify the reason his family thinks he got kidnapped. Takes a little bit of guess work from there if you've never traveled before…
  • ight here we go
    in ServMon Comment by N0XYGEN April 11
  • Nice box, thanks. User: Figure out what happens when you register, read the code and then research about how exploiting it can be done. Once you're in, look where you can inject something malicious and see if you can look at that through admin. Ro…
    in Book Comment by N0XYGEN April 11
  • i love this box more than i love myself, thank you @VbScrub
    in Cascade Comment by N0XYGEN March 30
  • * doesn't matter, there might be times when you will need to use Windows, but it can be done through linux as well, look at the Bastion machine for example * For start, I'd go with Blue/Devel/Granny/Legacy/Bastion, pick a machine yourself, you can f…
  • try to be both
  • find a job, go to job, do the job, go home, go sleep, go job again, go bank after month, get money from job, thank job for money, go oscp, make oscp, go back to new job ask @farbs he can give money so you dont go job
  • got user, thanks very much @farbs , you explain the best.
    in Control Comment by N0XYGEN November 2019
  • Initial; Scan all ports, make sure you know what the service is and if there's any way to get access by using it, there's tons of material online. Also, keep notes of unavailable exploits(those that require creds) even though they don't work now, i…
    in Postman Comment by N0XYGEN November 2019
  • Great challenge, got stuck at some point but from there, it got a lot easier. I don't think bruteforcing would work anyways, just focus on the files you have and try to find information.
  • ^ finally haha
    in Registry Comment by N0XYGEN October 2019
  • Gobuster, dirbuster and sometimes dirb to enumerate the directories on port 80(or any HTTP port) Burpsuite, to see what happens with the request and play with it and see if there's anything that could get me somthing Nikto, sometimes works on some o…
  • Type your comment> @th3d00msl4y3r said: (Quote) important documents could be undone sometimes
    in Sniper Comment by N0XYGEN October 2019
  • Type your comment> @hx47 said: (Quote) huge thanks
  • Type your comment> @kudrom said: (Quote) wise words, comrad. really well put together, @MinatoTW @felamos Thanks for that box
    in Sniper Comment by N0XYGEN October 2019
  • rootted thanks @farbs
    in Sniper Comment by N0XYGEN October 2019
  • Root was nice, really liked the f** part
    in Json Comment by N0XYGEN October 2019
  • Type your comment> @jayjay25 said: (Quote) you don't need a shell YET, try to grab something you could EAT, then use it for something you've already been there
  • I believe it would be upsetting to do this machine on free servers. Anyways, really cool machine. Hints: Initial part: Don't forget to look for all type of files while searching dirs, you can also guess it by the content of that one file you find …
    in Networked Comment by N0XYGEN August 2019
  • footold; nmap it, make sure to scan all ports. focus on port 80, try to see things behind the scenes, and something will make sense to you. user; a great way to learn a little about the topic, once you're done with the exploit, address it to the &…
    in Safe Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • Type your comment> @farbs said: (Quote) thanks you're a great help to the community and I've respected your profile, if i could i'd respect it twice.
    in Safe Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • Type your comment> @liquidpascal said: (Quote) Enumerate the web a little bit, you will find the file.
    in Safe Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • Type your comment> @amra13579 said: (Quote) start /dig/ging in
  • Type your comment> @zaicurity said: (Quote) That's true. I've met a few malwares in the past that get installed into your system and try to ping back to their host every x minutes, meaning even if you have no internet for the moment of use, and …
    in GHIDRA Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • rooted, thanks @Tohzzicklao PM if you;re stuck
    in Craft Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • a lot of caffeine was wasted during the user part : p wonder what about root now
    in Unattended Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019
  • do you like REing?
    in RE Comment by N0XYGEN July 2019

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