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  • ROOTED! Simple but awesome box!
  • Got root finally! When i got the hash in the end, i used no time cracking it. This was an awesome box though. Very relevant!
  • Finally got root! It was a journey indeed. You need to know what you are capable of ;)
  • Hi people. I have been hitting this machine with everything i can think of. I have found which ports are opened and dirbusted them THOROUGHLY. I see that certain http-methods are allowed and i have tried to exploit them with no success. I have tried…
  • I am still stuck at getting the default page. I have analyzed the output from nmap and i still can't get to a certain protal. Can anyone please PM me with further hints?
  • I've min fiddling with europa all day and i can't get nowhere. I have found the dns information with nmap and i can access the domain name, but this only gives me the default page. I have googled around for how hostname resolution works, but still n…
  • Finally got in as user! For some reason, my snmp-tools would not work yesterday. Even after restarting the server a couple of times. Now for the root!
    in Sneaky Comment by MrWest3r November 2017
  • I have managed to log in and acquire the RSA key. I have tried to follow the hints given in this thread; i have performed different scans with nmap and a snmp-check. But i can still get no information on either which port to ssh to nor the ipv6? add…
    in Sneaky Comment by MrWest3r November 2017

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