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  • Is anyone else having an issue with a certain sevice logging in and out again lots of times and never collecting a payload? Same problem from both windows and kali. Seems unstable, not sure if its intentional.
  • Is anybody free to DM about decrypting files? What should work, doesn't. Not sure if I'm missing something or whether the box has issues...
  • Awesome machine :) Root was very nice!
    in Arkham Comment by MountainMan July 2019
  • Anybody got any nudges about bypassing restrictions and restoring the admins powers? I think have the right exploit but powershell says no.
    in Arkham Comment by MountainMan July 2019
  • Does U***L*****.exe exist for anybody else? Seems to be completely absent...
  • Anybody do anything useful with the L***x C********rs?
  • Type your comment> @cdt said: (Quote) Awesome hint ;)
  • This is horrendous. Reset every minute. 503s all over the shop
    in Swagshop Comment by MountainMan May 2019
  • Has someone been changing passwords?
    in Swagshop Comment by MountainMan May 2019
  • I can confirm, reseting twice in a row fixes the issue. Thanks @wabafet !!
    in Ghoul Comment by MountainMan May 2019
  • Anybody else having difficulty getting RCE on g*** server to execute? Everything seems to go smoothly but RCE seems to never occur.
    in Ghoul Comment by MountainMan May 2019
  • Despite j****'s best efforts, finally got root. Well worth the struggle, lots to learn.
  • "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"....
  • Somebody needs to have a word with j****....not impressed with his work ethic...
  • Reverse shell seems to hang as well... been carrying on without but was getting messy, decided to dig a little deeper. Not sure why but the commands aren't getting a response back... Works fine between two vms.
  • It finally works. I have changed NOTHING for the last 20 attempts... I've been swapping between VPN connections, and now it works... curious
  • Same issue with me then. Talked to a couple of people who got system and it sounds like my *.l** is correct and in the right place but nothing happens... Tried with the simplest possible payload. Run it myself, works. Wait for j****.... no response.…
  • Anyone have any issues getting the payload *.l** to do anything?

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