AAAAAHHHHH sneaky. I thought that I tried that before. Didn't work. Does now. I must be tired. I'm going to give you respect Bato. Thanks.


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  • I genuinely have no idea where these usernames or creds are and I've enumerated this box every different way I know how, including automated tools that throw a dozen different methods at it. I am totally lost. I could use a nudge in the right dire…
  • ** Disclaimer ** I am not a professional pentester either. What I did do is spend a lot of time and money in graduate school studying this. I hope that I can say this without being disrespectful, but I found it to be of very little use. I was 100…
  • I hope that this isn't too much of a spoiler, but this whole challenge really is the proper installation and configuration of the disassembler mentioned in the challenge description. The challenge isn't what will drive you crazy. The configuration…
  • Stuck on the apache shell. I thought that I could get user from that but I was wrong. Can someone nudge me on the php workings please?
  • That makes me feel better! It really kills me when I see an uncommon port open. I have an "AHA!!!" moment where I am SURE that's how I am getting in. I'll just look up some common exploits for this service while OpenVAS or Nessus is run…
  • Thanks folks! I'll look into those this weekend. A lot of this is really needle in a haystack stuff for me. I just joined VIP and am looking to level up my skills. I spend my weekends trying to CTF (and most of the time end up being trolled by a…

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