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  • in case anyone is stuck where I was: try (Quote)
  • Anyone else on US-VIP-4? Machine is down for me. Tried resetting to no avail, and getting an error when I try to terminate. Edit: NVM! Literally came up as soon as I pressed Post.
  • This one took me wayyyy longer than anticipated. Learned a lot, screamed a little, but got it in the end! Congrats to everyone who got it so quickly. The path to root is something I will always keep in the toolbelt. Thank you to the box maker! Ther…
    in Traceback Comment by MiningOmerta May 31
  • Good luck, my friend. Im stuck on this challenge as well. My lack of RE skill shines bright on this one.
  • (Quote) No need to decode. but you will need to add the HTB{} to it. IIRC
  • Nevermind, got it. I was overthinking the last part big time.
  • Stuck after cracking the thing that I got from the multiple things. A PM with a nudge would be greatly appreciated.
  • Still working towards that initial shell. Any help via PM welcomed with open arms. Got passed one of the two things and got stuck.
  • @zishan same here.
  • There's already two threads for Dev0ops.
  • Ive found what I needed for the final part of it, but I have no clue how to convert and give it what it needs to give me what I need. @m0noc any of that sweet sweet experience you want to share? I tried DMing you but HTB seems to have a bug when it…
  • (Quote) This is from another Weak RSA forum. It worked for me. I was having trouble using the exact same tool that I found through google, but apparently there is something wrong with the easily found version. The website it links to is kind of a …
  • I am still struggling to get a shell on this. I have already copied the thing, created the other thing, but I think my exploit code is a little funky. Ive researched it, but definitely need someone to bounce ideas off of or someone to give me a hint…

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