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  • I am stuck at what to do with $t**** and the s*** function. I lack of the c*** and I don't know how to continue! Anyone could send me a nudge? EDIT: Where can you see HTTPS URL?
    in LaCasaDePapel Comment by Michelo April 5
  • If anyone could help me with port 1*1 and login would be amazing :) Really stuck! I have already done enumeration (various types....) but I cannot get a thing out of that specific port.
    in Carrier Comment by Michelo March 14
  • I feel like an idiot, I have fount he se****.*** file and I even know how to drop a shell, but I cannot find the way to use that password (transformed I mean) with any user or where in the login. Could someone drop me a PM to help?
    in Curling Comment by Michelo March 11
  • Could I get some help on how to get the file uploaded?
    in Hint for HELP Comment by Michelo March 9
  • I have the user flag and I'm even into the admin console. Could anyone drop me a hint on how to make the blogs solution to work? I cannot even get to work the example that it provides to get a shell or something! PM me! :)
    in Netmon Comment by Michelo March 8

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