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  • Type your comment> @emilyj27 said: (Quote) Reverse Engineer? Nope, it's OSINT :smile: @JennyCide I don't want to give too much information here in public and spoiler things for other ppl, so feel free to PM if you are stuck. Anyway I can say …
  • Type your comment> @LordKiba said: (Quote) Feel free to pm me and tell me what have you done so far Btw I think you are on the correct website, but you have to find something else there :smile:
  • Type your comment> @emilyj27 said: (Quote) Where would you look at if the website is no longer available? :smile:
  • Solved, I really liked this challenge Thanks a lot to JumpingLlama, also @R4J that hint for final step is cool af
  • It was cool, learned a new thing, but I feel like the title may takes you astray Reading description and title I was sure that it was on some pastebin or leak. But it was obviously the wrong way Now that I know the solution it makes more sense, but…
  • Type your comment> @Matgro said: (Quote) Still looking for any hint Thanks
    in Unprintable Comment by Matgro June 2020
  • Easy but challenging, well done. Also I learned a new thing it's possible to do on that platform
  • Hi, any hints to start on this challenge? No idea where to start... Thought it was some famous software, but nothing found. Thanks
    in Unprintable Comment by Matgro May 2020
  • Hi, any hints to start on this challenge? I've tryied all the ways I know, but nothing Thanks
    in Massacre Hint Comment by Matgro May 2020
  • Type your comment> @goffy12 said: (Quote) I'm blocked here too. Read all comments in forum but nothing, i digged and even drilled... If someone mind to help I would thanks so much Edit: I already found the first website.jet, the problem is that…
  • Since a lot of people are asking me help to solve this challenge, I advise you to avoid the rabbit holes, because there are many. The thing that could happen when you start exploring rabbit holes is the fact that you get hungry.
  • Type your comment> @godylocks said: (Quote) Wait, what I didn't used any personal website to find the flag, also linkedin and twitter weren't that much helpful. Until a couple of hours ago I coudn't see the flag in the place I found it, that's…
  • @egotisticalSW the flag is currently offline. I already submitted it, but trying to helping users we figured it out the message on the correct social disappeared
  • Update: Found it with help of @Ja4V8s28Ck. @cherk If you still need help feel free to PM me :smile:
  • Hi, any help to get rid of the situation I am in would be greatly appreciated. I, as last comments in this thread, found the personal l---n and company t***r profile, then nothing.
  • Can't find something good, but trolls and real ppl I'm probably mis searching
  • Thanks to the hints I found some decipher online, from keyboards to keyboards, but none of the decoded messages are base64 encoded (As I think it should be the output, since the hints author gave). Am I missing something? NVM, I got what i was miss…
    in August Comment by Matgro April 2020
  • Sometimes an easy challenge is just what you need. Thanks, funny challenge
  • Type your comment> @Pakit said: (Quote) I'm having the same problem. Did you manage to solve this and download the file? Edit: Solved by downloading it on smartphone and moved it to PC. Probably our connections are too slow (File size is 150MB …
  • Type your comment> @Matgro said: (Quote) Thanks to @ZloyObezyan My hint to you is: site:"Find your inspiration."
  • Type your comment> @Drxxx said: (Quote) +1
  • Easy challenge, specially if you at least started the previous one ("We Have a Leak") I love OSINT challenges, hope they will aprove new ones soon, maybe in a month? ;)
  • Type your comment> @jackshd said: (Quote) Best hint I ever read :smile:

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