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  • Just wanted to pop in to thank @VbScrub for the awesome box. That was really cool and I had to do some things I had not done in quite a while (involving C#). :)
    in Cascade Comment by Maglok April 9
  • Saw it was retiring and I was already working on this box. Moved my butt and grabbed root before user... this doesn't happen to me often. :) Very interesting box, made me dig out some database-fu know-how. Thanks to @ompamo, the box had a good run
    in Redcross Comment by Maglok April 2019
  • Finally got the overflown flag. That was really awesome, and it ain't done yet! :) digs deeper
  • Oh man the red-ness of that just scares me. :)
    in Kryptos Comment by Maglok April 2019
  • Aw man totally awesome box! Learned so enormously much. My hat off to the creators!
    in Vault Comment by Maglok April 2019
  • Rooted. Very awesome!
  • Got the user, very original I like it. :) Gonna hop back in, get a shell and find a root. :) @madhack: Maybe a service in the browser could send it?
  • Managed to root the box. Awesome priv esc, never did one like that. Thanks to @mendedsiren63 for helping out with awesome nudging without spoiling! :D
    in Frolic Comment by Maglok March 2019
  • Boom, rooted. Thanks go out to @loptr and @jkr :) Awesome box!... bit of a weird ending.
    in Fortune Comment by Maglok March 2019
  • I seem to be the other way around, I cannot seem to find the way to decode, but I have the thing to decode I think. Anyone wanna brain in PM?
    in Fortune Comment by Maglok March 2019
  • Sorry mis-post. Asked this earlier, browser cache is to blame (and a bit of layer 8).
    in Querier Comment by Maglok February 2019
  • Quick question. I am in the db-service and trying to use a xp******** to capture a N*** hash. Unfortunately Querier does not seem to actually connect to my hackbox. Am I thinking entirely wrong?
    in Querier Comment by Maglok February 2019
  • Just rooted it after pwning the user a while ago. Wanted to do it before it retires. :) That priv esc was really cool, great box! Thanks to @keresh for helping me with some vague syntaxey stuff. :)
    in Ypuffy Comment by Maglok February 2019
  • Very interesting box. Enjoyed the rooting, did not enjoy the user as much. Felt like a chain of CTF challenges and less part of a whole. That said thumbs up still, had fun, would root again. :)
    in Chaos Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Just pwned the system. That was quite cool and I learned a bunch, mainly about win 10 'features' :) Great box!
    in SecNotes Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Rooted. Interesting little box. There is one thing I cannot figure out though. Specifically why the system does a certain thing. Can anyone PM me so I can elaborate?
    in Curling Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Really refreshing box. Liked looking for the right syntax on you-know-what. Awesome! :)
    in Access Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Hm, weird box. I looked into getting user a bit, got close pretty easily, including the steg part. The output of steg is what had me a bit stumped. I would love someone to PM me and tell me where I would have had to use that. I then just went and l…
    in Irked Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Rooted! What a rush. This was awesome. I learned sooo much. Took me a few days and some help (thanks @d4rkk and @GDX ). Such an awesome box @snowcan ! Wooo!
    in Carrier Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • The user was really easy. That said I am enjoying the root part a lot. I am fairly sure I am nearing the end but my t****mp is not doing anything on any interface. Any hints towards that? And yes the free box resets a lot, it is quite annoying, bu…
    in Carrier Comment by Maglok January 2019
  • Managed to get this pwned just before the retirement. One of the most fun boxes I have had the pleasure of pwning.
    in Olympus Comment by Maglok September 2018
  • Managed to get user rather fast. I know my PHP. :) Now working on root, think I have 'the file' people are talking about. I gotta admit my linux commandline know-how is hitting a bit of a wall. Still on it though!
  • This was an awesome box. Learned a lot. Took me the longest to get user, root was done in 15 min (without editing any files). One of the more original boxes!
  • So I got root.txt before I got user.txt... I feel like I did something the wrong way or that maybe something I did was not supposed to be possible. can someone please PM me so I can explain? It did involve that thirstyness mentioned before.
    in Hawk Comment by Maglok August 2018
  • I got user a while ago and am trying to get root. I have a few attack vectors in mind, but I keep getting booted off the system (the instability). If anyone can confirm if any of them are the right direction in a PM I would appreciate it.
  • Oh man this was an awesome box. Learned some seriously cool things. Root didn't take as long as I thought, though crashing the machine makes it tricky. :) If anyone needs a nudge I am open for hints.
    in Valentine Comment by Maglok July 2018
  • Finally rooted it myself! That was awesome. As a developer the whole DeLorean situation was not the challenge for me, it was formatting of the different keys etc etc. Awesome!
  • So far I am having a blast. I got user.txt and I got what I consider quite close to root. That said I am a bit stuck on the format of certain files. Can't really say without spoiling, anyone that can help confirm my suspicions in a PM?

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