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  • Type your comment> @wardrive said: (Quote) Debug it :-)
  • Type your comment> @D8ll0 said: (Quote) Remove Burp Proxy :-)
  • Clear all cached credentials from OS and other apps: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Clear-Cached-CredentailsPas-981564bf Disable credential caching using GPO/secpol/registry: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/thr…
  • For me, most used OS is Kali Linux (Ghidra does work there). For tools such as DNSpy, use a Windows 10 VM modified into CommandoVM, that will save a lot of headache for Windows tools :-)
  • For those still struggling with this challenge, here is a hint: As Melvin Palmer used to tell Alan Shore in Boston Legal, "You're a real %REDACTED%"
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  • @thecowmilk said: (Quote) That is how all boxes are shown before a few people have rooted the box :smile:
  • @narwhal2 said: (Quote) Using 2.6.1, needed to make some adjustments in the tool for it to be able to extract files.
  • @BigHeadedApe said: (Quote) I don't know what box you are working on, but it's possible the upload will be denied as you don't have a valid authenticated session. If there are no such checks, you could have a look at the search and replace feature …
  • Currently stuck.. Tried the GPS coordinates (in DMS format) for city in europe and the building (not in europe) for the big event the leader tweeted about.. Anyone got a nudge if I'm barking up the wrong tree or if I'm getting closer?
  • @holox said: (Quote) Have a look at what kernel / memory protection mechanisms are active in the box. The thing that the program output to console can be really useful when calculating things :-)
  • @clubby789 said: (Quote) That's a shame.. Damn those Mac junkies and their short eight second tantrums! (or was it three?)
  • (Quote) "so".. why don't you "+" use "cat" on it? :-)
  • @NVQXE23I said: (Quote) ..what else does binwalk report that the file contain beside the image itself? If your tools insist on selecting the wrong thing, why not rip it out?
  • Anyone else having trouble with file 986? PW in image does not match the archive if you do it the same way as for the other files.. ....nvm, I was retarded. Thanks @HKLM
  • Type your comment> @XeN0N said: (Quote) You can easily dance your way around that one :-) Just don't go for the classics, go for something more modern :-)
  • @an0n said: (Quote) No FW is blocking, but perhaps something else? Try your payload on a separate Windows-VM and when it is OK there think about KISS :-)
    in RE Comment by Ljugtomten October 2019
  • I've been trying to move from user to root for a while now but are still stuck in userland. What I've read, the intended path seems to not work as intended, could anyone who did the intended path send me a DM with a nudge in the right direction? I'v…
    in RE Comment by Ljugtomten October 2019
  • Could anyone who have done the initial user part take a look at my payload? It triggers as intended and give a shell on an identical machine, nothing happens on this when I upload it to the correct place.
    in RE Comment by Ljugtomten September 2019

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