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  • (Quote) Hm. How did you end up building dnSpy? I am trying in my Windows VM, but it isn't working.
  • Type your comment> @job0 said: (Quote) Ghidra isn't showing me any functions.
  • Finally got it! Took over a week, and a little help. This may the most difficult challenge I've ever completed on HTB. I've done a couple reversing challenges with higher difficulty ratings (e.g. cake); but for me they were easier. I think it might …
  • I was wondering why I can't debug this, and now I think it might be stripped. Even with that knowledge, still not getting very far!
  • @buhletxr for some reason my searches didn't bring up the tool that eventually worked for me. But I did get it with a nudge (thanks, @hansko :)) .
  • Can't even get the numbers. None of the tools I've tried work. idk what everyone is using that's so easily available!
  • I went through much agony to get this one. The first step is NOT obvious. I feel like I could've wasted the rest of my life trying to figure out the first method to apply for decryption. But, as people have been saying, this one is related to anothe…
  • Finally got it! x32dbg + ScyllaHide, and I placed a NOP in one spot, after a lot of trial and error and following interesting looking things. Very clever & fun!
    in debugme Comment by LVx0 September 2019
  • Type your comment> @bipolarmorgan said: (Quote) I have the same problem. But I've read most of the way through this entire thread, and apparently, there are two ways. One sounds like a certain kind of amphibian, and the other way is easier--ther…
    in Swagshop Comment by LVx0 September 2019
  • If anyone has any hints on how to figure out which exploit to use to get a s**** (am already in the a**** p****), plz feel free to let me know. :)
    in Swagshop Comment by LVx0 September 2019
  • Well, nice job. I'm not a Guru though. XD more of a n00b. I'll keep bashing my head against the wall with it, though. I kind of like it.
    in debugme Comment by LVx0 September 2019
  • I was trying to install ScyllaHide as a plugin to OllyDbg, but it doesn't seem to have the configuration files mentioned in the instructions. :neutral: or I could do the r2 + python way, but what exactly does one use python for here? String decodin…
    in debugme Comment by LVx0 September 2019
  • Type your comment> @letMel00kDeepr said: (Quote) ??? what ???
    in Swagshop Comment by LVx0 August 2019
  • I can't even get it to print anything out. Can anyone help me figure out where to put the breakpoints? thx
  • Solved :) Fun challenge. Having read through these forum pages, I was able to get it within a short amount of time. Yet I don't understand what's up with the trap I fell into at the very end. And that was what actually cost me the most time.
    in Da Vinci Comment by LVx0 June 2019
  • This is good advice! :D w00t
  • I don't know if anyone has figured it out and wants to give a nudge, but I stuck on this challenge because I cannot get the program to segfault. It does not seem to care how large a pattern I use. Strange..
    in Little Tommy Comment by LVx0 April 2019
  • Type your comment> @laughingman777 said: (Quote) I found this to be really good guidance. I got my first User, and am so close to Root! I'm at step 4 above, and I tried it so many times, but clearly it's not working--not even my test shows up. H…
    in Netmon Comment by LVx0 March 2019
  • *got it. Kind of sadistic for only 20 points lol.
  • I managed to get some binary strings, but nothing that converts to anything that makes sense. I don't even know if i'm on the right track. A nudge would be appreciated.
  • I've tried both of mendedsiren63's above hints, and I'm still stucked with those characters like 'Y' 'd' '8' 'b'.
  • (Quote) This makes it sound like there is a standard place where code for it is kept on github...? Or should I just google search for it? (I'm noob)
  • (Quote) This. Is why it's not wise to just throw rockyou at everything. Well, one of the reasons.
  • OK nvm my previous comment. I clicked on the archive again this morning, and somehow the jpeg just popped up. I still don't know exactly how they did that, though.
    in Blackhole Comment by LVx0 December 2018
  • I'm completely confused by this challenge. I'm having the same problem Maco had earlier in this thread--I only get an empty folder when I extract the archive. I tried it in 2 different Linux distros and Windows 10 VM, same result. And the sha hash s…
    in Blackhole Comment by LVx0 December 2018
  • (Quote) BUMP!
    in Hackerman Comment by LVx0 December 2018
  • Oops so I spoke too soon. Turns out that two of the digits I only got because of guessing correctly.
  • I finally solved this challenge. It just wasn't quite as straightforward as I expected from reading this thread. Feel free to DM for hints.
  • I'm afraid I've been wasting my time on this challenge, so I'd appreciate some advice: how do you know if it's unpacked correctly? If it runs in the debugger, and it shows the ASCII strings that print out, etc., is it correct?
  • Hi. Thanks for the reply. It's working now. :) Sometimes I just get easily frustrated, being a newb and all.

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