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  • Hit a brick wall on figuring out the p******** r****** piece. Found the file, know where the injection point is, but can not get it running locally, so have no idea how to test. Edit: Dang, got it working locally, but now not running remotely, any …
    in Zetta Comment by Kwicster February 10
  • User was fairly straight forward, time to figure out root
    in Registry Comment by Kwicster January 20
  • If anyone is willing to PM for a discussion on how to switch users, i would really welcome it. Have not been able to get the commands to work, and i want to make sure im on the right path Edit: Nvm, got it, just needed to try harder lol
    in Sniper Comment by Kwicster January 16
  • Fyi user access doesn't require any brute-force or password cracking, just a little real-world thought process when it comes to how devs implement account creation sometimes. From there just look through normal files and you should find what you nee…
  • Im pretty confused, because i got root before user, and I'm not even actually root user... Is root flag intended to just be laying around like that?
    in OpenAdmin Comment by Kwicster January 4
  • User took me forever, but learned alot, on to root
    in Safe Comment by Kwicster October 2019
  • Edited: Nvm
    in Jarvis Comment by Kwicster June 2019
  • Hey can anyone give me some pointers on the binary exploit? I managed to get it working locally, but realized that the target machine doesn't have the library i used to create the exploit and I'm kind of at a loss at how to translate the exploit ove…
    in Ellingson Comment by Kwicster June 2019
  • Hey so i have access as H** user and was able to find and decrypt the file, but the result is not getting me anywhere. Anyone mind PM'ing me a pointer on this? Edit: Thanks for the pointers, was just impatient.
    in Ellingson Comment by Kwicster May 2019
  • Rooted. Understanding the strange service is key. Google is your friend
    in Luke Comment by Kwicster May 2019
  • Man i am just lost on this one. Can't figure out what is needed to trigger the ldap bind request i am trying to capture. If anyone can shoot me a PM on the initial user part, it would be much appreciated.
    in Lightweight Comment by Kwicster May 2019
  • Just rooted. Running this root in a Windows VM or machine makes it pretty straightforward. Not actually sure if there is a way from a Linux box. No cracking needed fyi
    in Bastion Comment by Kwicster May 2019
  • This LFI is kicking my ass, i have no idea what i am supposed to do here, i can't get the page to display anything other than the standard pictures Edit: Thanks to @clmtn for the help, was able to figure it out. Try to understand the default pagena…
  • Well after 2 days i finally got user and a good understanding of the routing structure in the environment, but if i'm being honest i don't think that i can figure out root. I know pretty much what i need to do, reroute B** to send packets meant to g…
  • Box took me a while (and a little push) but finally got root, was a great learning experience overall. If anyone needs some help, feel free to shoot me a pm here or on MM
    in Olympus Comment by Kwicster June 2018
  • (Quote) Happened to me too, google up auto migrating meterpreter sessions. The exploit used will naturally close out the connection unless migrated
  • Anyone that needs some help on Bashed is welcome to PM me as well! This box took me way to long to figure out as a newbie because i didn't really understand the specific linux process behind this lol
  • (Quote) This one took me a while because i wasn't familiar with linux set up. Take some time to research about commands on how to see partitions/disks and figure out how linux actually handles files. Like blkappy said, everything is a file on linux.…
  • (Quote) Could matter if you are using vm or not. My VirtualBox VM doesn't work well with some wifis, just due to issues with how wireless architecture is.
  • (Quote) Is there anything interesting about the details of the files in the dir? Try to understand what the files are doing and why that might be (if files are weird or not there, ask for reset). Can PM me if you want.
  • Hey guys, another priv stuggler. So I'm almost 100% sure that i can get the flag if i could just figure out a way to upload a small python script. I can echo it into the scripts folder, but then the formatting is wrong. I've tried nc, ssh, FTP, curl…

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