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  • Done with one hint. Hardest part for me is calulating correct DMS format. At first i tough: whois creating that strange challenges? Then i sang a song with bird and cat ;) As always we can bruteforce that challenge with two nested for's loop from 0…
  • I already beat it together with @snuggles and @senza. Its not easy and theres some guessing but its a very eyeopening challenge. As always PM me on forum for some help :)
  • Now I know why we can't find a way to communicate with strangers from space. Thanks @sampriti for little nudge ;)
  • Check who did the firstblood :)
  • Spoiler Removed Lol it was not a spoiler. It was other text encoded the same way.
  • I finally managed to solve this problem. As far as the second step I even guessed myself, using bruteforce so the whole thing is so fucked up that I don't know what to say more about it. Thefirst step is obvious, the next is guessing, the third ste…
  • (Quote) Exactly, in my opinion this challenge is about XOR, 3DES or something, but every time we should BRUTEFORCE a key. Its just guessing...
  • I tried a lot of BASE editing, shuffling and fixing but any help... I dont know whats "Walzer" - in german its name of dance with a lot of rotations :D
  • I also stuck with negative values in array. Stranger is that when running that in office I have a problem with variable types. Any hint how to manipulate that numbers?
  • I did it! Very cool challenge with some math ;) I already done an automation script for passing this challenge. standing on a cliff and looking away That was Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving HTB players taking refuge among th…
  • Thats very strange for me but i cannot even connect to the challenge. Even curl (with any 0X parameter) hangs out. Could somebody PM me if that's normal case?
  • Any hint for initial foothold? :D I enumerated all pages and urls. Even if i find something - nothing work for that :/
  • This box at initial step is sooo slooooooow. Sometimes even restart didint help. Some tips for players: client side, enumerate, bruteforce and half of "answer to life the universe and everything" ;) If you have a problem with init/user/adm…
  • Very cool and funny box. As i understand correctly there are possibility to root box without getting user. If you have a questions just PM me i can help you :) Basic hint: A lot of enumeration of names/services/versions/files
  • I've done that strange challenge. Any byte was taken... Its more crypto than forensics. After small hint i do this manually in simple python oneliner. If you wanna help - just PM me ;)
  • User is like breaking into an old cellar in a dungeon. Root is like turning on the lights. Very funny box but its not "easy" :disappointed: I have an exploit done with @haqpl help. Fell free to ask me for any help :)
    in Safe Comment by Kucharskov July 2019
  • Today i gotta an user on Craft and still fighting with root. If you want help with user or root - just PM me. Edit: Succesfully rooted with @Leonishan help! <3
    in Craft Comment by Kucharskov July 2019
  • I've rooted this stupid machine. I very dislike in which way i need to figure out some parts. I always said "PM me if you wanna help", but not there. I can help on PM only with user part. That box is to strange and to mixed to describe tha…
    in Ghoul Comment by Kucharskov July 2019
  • Finally i do it with few hints from this thread. I can get full shell from user with hint posted here. But root flag i get in stupidest way ever! :+1: Just pm me if you wanna help :)
    in Jarvis Comment by Kucharskov June 2019
  • Got root! Very funny box even with windows software. Other hint for root: Not all is in Program Files :) PM me if you wanna help. Regards!
    in Bastion Comment by Kucharskov June 2019
  • I do it in few minutes after while of consulting. Lots of fun with many text. If you wanna help - just PM me :)
  • I do it together with few people here. I learned some new things about python cus i can do few elements via python cli. PM me if you wanna help/hint :)
  • Got it! Right, it works completely different from "art". But solving this problem is real art! PM me if you wanna nudge. I got already written script to process that image :D
  • Additionally you can find online simple exe program which works on "wav" file. Then download Audacity and convert mp3 to wav mono - works perfectly.
    in call Comment by Kucharskov June 2019
  • Done! Easy and simple to use few programs (even from Google Play) :P PM me if you wanna help :)
  • (Quote) Okai, i find information that ordinary ASCII can be written by 7 bits. But separating that r (1) and comma (0) text give me 24 chars without any meaning. Edit: Got it with help @Xentropy and @GibParadox. All hints are mentioned above like: …
  • (Quote) Eight, but what next? Output of creating 0-started octects makes 3 bits alone and output is unreadable.
  • Got it! Many new things to do, few new tricks i learned. Amazing! PM me if you wanna help :)
  • I have no idea to decode that "r"commas... Maybe i should try to change that to JS?
  • Finally i got a user.txt without uploading addon. Hint: Default. Any idea how to make uploader work. I've do many inspection without success. If you have time to help me - please PM :+1: Edit: Already i know how to do that. But its too much work to…

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