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  • @mikensen 0xrick has this pretty good list of which can be refered to in general. i am not sure it will help you much in this one, but its worth bookmarking
  • iv found the relish but the reptile keeps complaining. AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'load' anyone able to help out, iv tried stackoverflow and so on, removed and added the culpret and so on, but no dice.
  • no need for a windows box with this one.. wine will get where you need to go.
  • @PackageFrom5ka i have seen this multiple times lately, wrote a note in the discord chat for the support but heard nothing back :)
  • Quick little challange, but as people has mentioned, good brush up on wfuzz :)
  • @MrR3boot first of all, thanks/dhanyavad for being a content creator, that is commendable and should not be taken lightly. I loved player and had a great amount of fun, but the naming of this box was a bit of an omen I guess. I don't touch mangoes,…
    in Mango Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • i got user within the hour of the box but didnt get any further before the patch came hehe. i enjoyed the last part (:
    in Registry Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • @syn4ps I dont agree with your premise that its "basically" llmnr poisoning, iv used it pleanty of times here, yes one of the features of the suite does not work due to the way the infrastructure is built, but that does not nullify all…
    in Forest Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • wwahhaaaa fun and really enjoyable machine, previous knowledge certenly helps a lot here but i still ended up getting some new dirt under my fingers. User: i get reminded of certain types food with this attack. Root: Create a map of the road thro…
    in Forest Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • A MA ZING BOX.. the level of frustation, irritation and joy packed in such a fun little package. Huray for you guys @MinatoTW / @felamos Could we possibly get a follow to see how the Employeer / Employee relationship played out
    in Sniper Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • What a rude employeer hehe
    in Sniper Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • fun box, initial part was way more complex then they privesc, but that didnt make it less fun though :) Thanks for a wonderfull few days !
    in Bankrobber Comment by Ketil October 2019
  • Type your comment> @arcc said: (Quote) If this is to much of a spoiler, please delete this. -> homemade is never ideal <-
    in Json Comment by Ketil September 2019
  • quick box but fun and enjoyable non the less :) User: Google is your friend, when it works, its easier then you would have expected. Root: I might have taken the "harder" which required a bit of picking things apart and sorta putting th…
    in Json Comment by Ketil September 2019
  • @MrR3boot Thanks for this box, i really appriciated the experience :) *I actually feel i gained more knowledge from the root part than the user, but user was fun fun fun.
    in Player Comment by Ketil September 2019
  • i do not understand the low rating, i had lots of fun with this box, pretty fast done everything taken into consideration. :) thanks @askar
    in Wall Comment by Ketil September 2019
  • I'm at what i am presuming to be the very last step before jumping through the gate of yonder, but i am looking for an adult who can explain to me the very last few backwards steps, or at least spot what i am missing. agency sponsored backwards app…
  • im a derp at filtering/grepping, so throwing rocks is so slooow hehe [edit] @jkr graciously made me realize that i basically was wacking myself in the head with the rocks.. p != line. *next time, 2 hours of extra sleep might be the way to go. N…
    in Zetta Comment by Ketil September 2019
  • This box made me enjoy my sunday, i ended up banging my head with the initial foothold because of some really stupid conversion issues with my burp and what not, but after just throwing everything out the window and going back to basics, it was smoo…
    in Networked Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • I love how slow the b*d si is, it has a certain sorta almost masochistic property to it.. Same feeling as when i die in deadcell and wanna throw my switch out from the highest tree in the woods : P *compared to most of the machines i have beendealin…
    in Unattended Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • could someone ping me about how to figure out the deal with the osmn, im trying to do the whole upload ting, but i have tried googling for information but i am not having much luck :) I believe it might have something todo with w*ps or some kind of …
    in onetwoseven Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • @MinatoTW thanks for the adventure! sunday in bed with a new machine + jetlag, great combi *bedtime now, i will help out tomorrow morning (6 hours from posting this) if anyone needs help.
    in Heist Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • there is a ruby library which is working well
    in Heist Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • sazouki, its broken in msf (afaik)
    in Heist Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • im just going to throw my carbon out the window.. leaving home without a option to ssh into my box with my graphics card in just resulted in my laptop becoming a whining beast.
    in Heist Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • i had a perfectly functional rev shell and someone resat the machinene, and now i cant get any reverse shell at all. utter madness
    in HelpLine Comment by Ketil August 2019
  • @mrnfrancesco , Thanks for the input I appreciate your feedback :) Have a great day.
  • right under my nose. i should do -h more hehe
  • (Quote) the domain feature iv seen before, it is a really versatile way of getting interesting results and often a lot of context, is there by any chance support for enumerating via the webserver ? :) Sorta like the wfuzz exampe :)
  • hey guys, thats a bunch for the quick responses, thats appriciated. I will have a look at both thins.. i am familiar with wfuzz but hadnt spotted the ability to enumerate subdomains in that way. :)

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