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  • ahhahahah simple but funny :-)
  • @egotisticalSW I found what I was looking for, but what I was looking for is not there !
  • hahahaha @greenwolf you are crazy :-)
  • ahahhaha it's crazy, i don't know if it's forensic or not, but it's not bad :-)
  • @VbScrub, I've a credential for the third user but connection don't seems to work ... is this just my problem? ----------- my problem ------ it's ok now tnx rooted :-) very nice machine. Reserse part is very funny , tnx for machine.
    in Cascade Comment by Jumecittu April 11
  • very funny box, foothold is a simple custom list, user is in front of you and root is simple but I've waste two hours for reset.
    in Traceback Comment by Jumecittu March 15
  • Very realistic machine, I learned about foothold technique , tnx to @gverre and @h4ck1t for the hints. User is a owasp exercise, root is a simple exploit of a suspicious app, on free server it is a little more difficult.
    in Book Comment by Jumecittu March 8
  • Very nice machine, two hours waste for a stupid "t" egoistical instead of egotistical :-/ user1 is a simple list, user two is clearly visible and administrator is a secrets**** :-)
    in Sauna Comment by Jumecittu February 22
  • Wonderfull machine, first user is not difficulty if you know the technology, the machine name can help you. For the second user i've discovered the existence of another cms :-/ , and root is simple if you run the right command with the right permiss…
  • Nice machine, second user is the best part, root Is simple if you pay close attention to the note ;)
    in Zetta Comment by Jumecittu February 8
  • You can use online editor and use only a "part" of the VB code. Type your comment> @MentalForklift said: (Quote)
    in Nest Comment by Jumecittu February 6
  • Tnx @VbScrub for machine, it 's not green machine :smile: the frustrating part is finding the right file in smb directory but "++" can help you to find what you don't see. It was a great exercise to learn a little bit of VB, root is simp…
    in Nest Comment by Jumecittu February 6
  • yeee i'm root :-) Nice machine foothold is the very interesting part, user is a nice reverse exercise, no brute force is required :-), for root: read code, understand where you have to look, when you understood you as fast as John Wesley Hardin .
  • The initial part was very interesting, I had never used this technique. User: has already everything Root: if you can't do it from the inside, try it from the outside or change your point of view Tnx @MrR3boot for machine
    in Mango Comment by Jumecittu December 2019
  • Nice machine, user is simple :-) root is embarrassing if you don't overthink !
  • It's a nice machine, i've learned about r****, user and root is more simple that you think :-) if ssh not work think different !
  • Very nice machine, the first part is simple for people that know "chain" programming, for the user i've learned new think about a "chain" protocol, root is simple everything is in front of you :) thanks to the people who gave me …
  • Type your comment> @skitz said: > can anyone help me with the syntax required for root. Im completely lost tbh Use a online debugger ;)
  • Rooted, nice machine , it's my first time with elastic product ;) User is more simple that's you think, you have to look for what you don't see ;) For root use that you have, you don't need anything else. Copy root.txt in /tmp is not a right…
  • Type your comment> @barondune said: > anyone able to assist in helping me do local priv esc. stuck with www-data user look for something that does not belong to you but you can borrow. :-)
    in Jarvis Comment by Jumecittu July 2019
  • Type your comment> @EvilMonkee said: (Quote) if you don't have a tty, change it to tty. Google is your friend.
    in Swagshop Comment by Jumecittu July 2019
  • Type your comment> @mimo said: > I managed to get the certificate working after a few tweaks. > Got to the private area but found no LF*. However I can't use any dirbusting tools due to the fact the box checks the cert for every request.…
  • Type your comment> @CrystalSage said: > Can someone help me ? I've been learning various techniques about binary exploitation mentioned in here. But I've no idea how to start on the actual exploitation of the binary. This is too confusing :di…
    in Ellingson Comment by Jumecittu July 2019
  • Very nice machine, I wasted a lot of time on the first part because I overestimated it. For root, use what's under your eyes, sometimes you are root without being root.
    in Jarvis Comment by Jumecittu July 2019
  • *Spoiler Removed*
  • Type your comment> @HackSh00t said: > Type your comment> @lemarkus said: > > Type your comment> @HackSh00t said: > > I've a TTY shell, I enumerated all I could an I tried multiple priv esc kerne…
    in Swagshop Comment by Jumecittu May 2019
  • Type your comment> @HackSh00t said: (Quote) Is more simple than you believe, try to figure out what you could do if you were root ;)
    in Swagshop Comment by Jumecittu May 2019
  • 220 reset today at this time ... please stop Compulsive resetter ... i hate you !
    in Swagshop Comment by Jumecittu May 2019
  • Hi ... please stop to edit index.php, it's an hour I can't play ! tnx all
    in Swagshop Comment by Jumecittu May 2019
  • User ok :) very funny !!

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