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  • Can someone hit me up with some hints and nudges for this. I have disassed the entry.. and now I feel clueless and helpless :) Thanks!
  • Anyone that solved the B*F please PM me, I'm stuck on calculating an O****t
  • Hi I would like a nudge, I found the S*** on S***** M******. all my attempts that are syntatically correct render OK. I tried the usual, any help would be appreciated! I tried to do a S**I as well on that same page, no result {{ crying :) }}
  • Thanks a lot to all of you that helped me during this, for me very difficult box! Shout out to the creators! It was really good!! :D
    in Travel Comment by JossaN May 2020
  • I would love a nudge as well :) Im stuck on the S * * F, I think I have a way to bypass the B * * * * L* * T. But I dont know how I should exfiltrate if that is the idea of it :)
    in Travel Comment by JossaN May 2020
  • can someone nudge me on the **S part yeah?
    in Travel Comment by JossaN May 2020
  • I dont know if im missing the point, to elevate to root you change one of the m****d files and then re******* as s****n?
    in Traceback Comment by JossaN March 2020
  • So I have found the F***** S***** exploit thingy on the H**S***** binary.. Can you nudge me a alittle bit as in what direction I should aim? And also I get a SgF*** in Li*c. if that helps when IP points to 41414141.. So I think perhaps Im going some…
    in Rope Comment by JossaN March 2020
  • Mate, Nice writeup! Wanted to let you know that I find your style of writing interesting and you have just got yourself a follower! :)
  • How do I see if im blocking the port? and how do i stop blocking the port? XD Thanks in advance!
  • Hi guys, I've found the stuff running on port 5*** as well as 8***. In there I created one account for each and linked them.. Ive watched the urls, removed c*** t****** in different places and so on and so fourth, I can't seem to get ANYWHERE haha. …
    in Oouch Comment by JossaN March 2020
  • Hi guys, can you give me a nudge? I have a way to take 'Admin' account, I tried changing the name of my 'user' account to standard injections. I tried uploading malicious .**f files as user and then "exporting" as admin(through C*********…
    in Book Comment by JossaN March 2020
  • hi guys.. Im sooooo stuck on the binary.. I have the g****** file and for 3 days i've tried to get it to work locally on my box.. no luck just yet All adresses i input apart from p*** @ *** gets mangeled and leads to fk up. When i use the p*** @ *…
    in Ellingson Comment by JossaN October 2019

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