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  • Finally rooted. Initial foothold was easy. Te become user1 find some juicy info somehwere in the files. For user2, be user1 and do something with curl. Make sure you find the correct port! Root was so easy. Nice box though! Thanks
  • Pffff finally rooted. What a pain in the ass.. My tips for getting: USER: Keep trying different formats. Start with a simple xml file that gets accepted. Then keep pushing boundaries. ROOT: In this thread people say history lessons are good, I'd l…
  • (Quote) Look for some obvious places. Such as configuration files ;)
    in Hawk Comment by JohnVanBoxtel July 2018
  • Am I the only one not being able to connect to port 80? I keep getting a "Connecting" as page title..
    in Hawk Comment by JohnVanBoxtel July 2018
  • Does anyone know why the box is so slow? People brutforcing the login page massively?..
    in Hawk Comment by JohnVanBoxtel July 2018
  • Edit: I have some questions about modifying a file in order to print the root.txt. Which editor should I use? Vi? How to i write/exit it, since the exit keys aren't working as in normal terminals.. Can someone pm me?
  • Hi I am getting a grey/white screen with some weird buttons when trying to get root. What parameters should i add? I was thinking about -geometry but that doesn't fix anything? EDIT: nevermind, Spoiler Removed - Arrexel Just rooted, pm me if you …
  • Hi guys, I downloaded the zip file to my pc, I don't know the password, I heard I shouldn't bruteforce it, and I tried passwords such as poison, charix and charix' password. Any hint/help? THanks in advance!
    in Poison Comment by JohnVanBoxtel May 2018
  • EDIT: nvm
    in Poison Comment by JohnVanBoxtel May 2018
  • Spoiler Removed - Arrexel
  • (Quote) PM me your listening command and also what ip and port you specify in the payload.
  • (Quote) Nevermind, I fixed it, I did a request to "/ls" instead of the root directory. Thanks for all the help boys <3, big shoutout!
  • Hi guys, I need some help. I can't get my payload to work. When sending it to my repeater I still get a response for the original request, even though i edited the cookie header. Anyone can help me with that?

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