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  • Malware Development - check ippsec video about the word macro malware.
  • There used to be a time when people made videos for sharing information. I am more audio/visual learning I can sit and read a document and not remember a thing about it or get bored. Anyways, some may find this useful - https://gbhackers.com/hacki…
  • Finally - Root Dance and that hurt, banging my head off the desk. Learned lots of new things, especially about Windows PS.
    in Sniper Comment by JadeWolf March 9
  • *beep *beep finally! Thank you for the assistance to everyone that nudged me, respect has been given (If I haven't please DM). Thank you to @MrR3boot learned lots of new things.
    in Book Comment by JadeWolf March 4
  • This would be a good idea for a YouTube Presenter, a short clip on the tool, use and demonstration.
  • Thank you for the hints, root dance! Very surprised how fast the second user and root was to obtain. My hint to add to everyone else didn't need a tool to find the next bread crumb, just looked into something you should never play with on a Window…
    in Sauna Comment by JadeWolf February 26
  • Please delete
  • For all those misguided souls who bought a XBOX - check out the XBOX underground episodes. P.S. Remember to support and vote for the podcast
  • You lot doing anything else today/tonight Darknet Diaries - The Shorty Awards https://lnkd.in/ehwMsmF https://lnkd.in/erBBap4
  • root dance - I did try to reverse the programs but I still need to learn. Thank you to someone in the forum for about a comment about streams, learn something new. My clue to help anyone along - if you have a break at the right place everything be…
    in Nest Comment by JadeWolf February 1
  • Just to encourage people to support the channel - EP 57: MS08-067, interesting how M$ investigates 0days and the emergency procedures that are put in action. Interesting technical discussed, having an exploit in different sections................
  • Well that is a lesson learned - remember to spell names correctly. Really enjoyed - now time for a root dance!
    in Resolute Comment by JadeWolf January 28
  • I didn't submit my lab reports when I finished primarily because I didn't realise that you required 10 (I think) - plus it is only worth 5 points. Recommendation if you are going to do it, it has to basically be a guide that someone else can reprod…
  • The only way to achieve this without access to the physical system, ie you are logged into it would be the whole enumeration process. Scan the system, find the application and the replicate the system in a virtual environment. I have completed the…
  • Thank you - @egre55 Well that was a lesson learned on looking at lists and making sure you have everybody you need. I spent a lot of time trying everything without everyone being present. Respect has been given (hopefully) to everyone that gave m…
  • Not my proudest, in hindsight which is always 20/20 need to learn to look rather than over think - id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
    in OpenAdmin Comment by JadeWolf January 16
  • As I mentioned in another post I would recommend using the WinterWolf webshell - makes things a little easier if required.
  • Thanks to @peterdjalaliev and @chvancooten for the nudges (respect has been given) and the hints in the right direction - finally rooted this box. Can I introduce everyone to the https://github.com/WhiteWinterWolf/wwwolf-php-webshell it help here a…
    in Registry Comment by JadeWolf January 8
  • For those looking to do the OSCP, new update You can find the old and new Exam Retake policies below. Current Policy Students may schedule an exam retake within 90 days of the exam retake cooling off period as follows: After the 1st failed exam,…
  • I would also recommend "Black Duck Eggs" - a lesson in paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Anyone listen to the Shadow Brokers episode?
  • Before I start I have nothing wrong with the current logo, but how about a competition to design a series of hacker/HTB T-Shirts, the winner get free subscription or free t-shirt??? I was thinking of a cartoonish kid sitting on the floor with the c…
  • (JadeWolf + Comments on Forum + Google) / Loosing Marbles = Root Dance!!!! Lesson learned trying to download a file from Windows, RTFM on the software that you connected to the box with // Once you find the password it is a Windows machine and don'…
    in Heist Comment by JadeWolf November 2019
  • I have to agree - nice idea but...................... You could do the labs in less time, if you concentrated on sites like this and asked for advice on which machines would be best to learned from. Not that I would NEVER encourage this I did find…
  • Thought I would add something else to this [Off Topic] How many people remember The Cuckoo's Egg???? https:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=hTx9h3Sm29I (Just remove the spaces, stops space been taken up with a picture)
  • Would be nice.
  • I learned a lot from the slmail example that is used on the OSCP, although outside of the lab period trying to find version (I think) 5.5 was difficult - there lots of writeup about it. Also John Hammond mentioned a really good technique and gettin…
  • I would like to accept this "root" on behalf of Traverxec, I would like to give thanks to my producers and directors @dnperfors @Enigma00 Now lets all root dance!
  • also check out this recommendation https://sushant747.gitbooks.io/total-oscp-guide/transfering_files_to_windows.html This is a vbscript that is used in the OSCP course material

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