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  • Working on a seemingly doable PE with certain service, found ready script for it and enumerated the correct instance where it should connect but can't seem to get it to work Am i working on a correct lead here? any nudges would be much appreaciate…
    in Monteverde Comment by JSJ February 27
  • Rooted! User flag wasn't that easy for me - had to think out of the box bit there - remember that you don't have to follow the rules if you have access
    in OpenAdmin Comment by JSJ February 25
  • Type your comment> @davidlightman said: (Quote) You don't need Office for this - check the hint by kekburger for the shellcode and the challenge's author might have some clues on twitter as well :)
    in oBfsC4t10n Comment by JSJ November 2019
  • Rooted - wasn't that easy for me! Not sure if anyone else experienced this, but one of the passwords can cause issues in shell so you need to feed it into scripts in non-standard way or use them manually. For root, read the documents carefully and…
    in Heist Comment by JSJ September 2019
  • Just a sanity check - i got 3 userid's and 3 pw's - should i be able to connect to either S** or W***M with those; tested with all combinations and no dice - dir BF seems to be total dead-end so i'm bit out of ideas :neutral:
    in Heist Comment by JSJ September 2019

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