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  • (Quote) This might be impossible from some regions :( It takes 299ms just to get the response all the way down under.
  • Overall this was a pretty good box. Not too difficult for new comers but also not an instant win for more experienced CTFers. Great for teaching better enumeration practices, just because a tool you might always use doesn't think something is consid…
    in Luke Comment by J4C0814N June 2019
  • (Quote) This. With the right OBS settings you can record at good enough quality that screenshotting the video is barely noticeable vs screenshotting the real thing. I think my 24hr video file ended up being under 10GB total.
  • Thanks to a particular three letter agency and their new tool I was able to do everything I needed for this for free. Learned so much about reversing and the tool from this challenge. Great start to Linux reverse engineering. Happy to provide poin…
  • Just finished it after a week of wondering where I was going wrong. For anyone not using a mac to open the files, be careful what non-printable characters are present in the files and what they mean, chances are you have one thing wrong with your ci…
  • Great simple box. Can be a little unstable at times but decent flow between steps, there are probably no hints I could give that haven't already been given but happy to help people through DMs.
    in Netmon Comment by J4C0814N March 2019
  • Rooted! I really liked this box. Great mix of paths, common/realistic exploits and rabbit holes. A good Windows box that no one should need meterpreter or any other msf post exploit modules for. I would add this to an OSCP-like list for anyone gear…
    in Giddy Comment by J4C0814N January 2019
  • There is a checkbox in your settings to make it public which gives you a public URL you could place somewhere on LinkedIn
  • Nice box! I learned a lot about a couple of different technologies with this one. Apart from the trolls I think this was actually fairly straight forward, just a matter of understanding the technologies involved, reading the man pages and figuring o…
    in Dab Comment by J4C0814N December 2018
  • Thanks! I honestly don't even notice it while using it. Looking back at it now I can see how the transparency is distracting. The 2 colours is just a zsh theme, it is probably better to use bash instead for screenshots. Thanks for the feedback, I ha…
  • (Quote) I agree, even on VIP this box is under resourced, takes a good 10 mins from a reset for everything to come back up in order to pivot. What a box though. It felt like it would never end, but I learned so much from it.
    in Vault Comment by J4C0814N November 2018
  • Thanks to L4mpje for the box. I would say this is a good introductory box for new users to dip their toes in. There are multiple ways to achieve the same result, semi-trolls that might make you question your process etc and none of it is too technic…
    in Curling Comment by J4C0814N October 2018
  • (Quote) Yeah, when I saw that root.txt it was a pretty good feeling, after how long it took
    in Carrier Comment by J4C0814N October 2018
  • (Quote) Look at which user you are and where their home directory is. It should be there.
    in Carrier Comment by J4C0814N October 2018
  • Got root, I agree with Underworld. Test the hints from here locally before trying them on the t****t terminal. As soon as I did that I knew exactly what I had to do. Happy to help others through their issues via PM.
    in Access Comment by J4C0814N October 2018
  • Rooted. Very interesting box, learned heaps by doing it. Happy to provide hints through DM
    in SecNotes Comment by J4C0814N August 2018
  • Learned heaps from this one. Both txts can be obtained without shells, required a bit of fiddling with existing tools and installing missing dependencies, but used some new tools I haven't used before. PM if you need hints.
  • I started by trying to use the john2pdf.pl script, but in the end it was easier to use a tool directly against the pdf as mentioned previously.

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