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  • I thought that was one of the best boxes I've done on here. It was super engaging, used things I hadn't really done in other boxes, and seemed like something that would be ultra realistic. Root was a bit disappointing because it was so trivial, but …
  • That was a really good box. Not sure why I've seen some comments bitching about it being CTFish, there was literally nothing remotely CTF about it. If that was your conclusion you missed steps or didn't understand what you were doing or why. I effi…
  • Type your comment> @newbiewas said: (Quote) probably so they can make comments like this (Quote)
  • Type your comment> @d4rk3r said: (Quote) He showing initiative by going out and finding the flags on websites, that's the kind of go gettemness that should be rewarded with free money!
  • Type your comment edit: dafuq, you cant delete posts? sigh
  • I've heard any cert besides OSCP isn't worth the investment because employers don't actually care, and OSCP is the big HR filter. So do whatever to learn in the areas you want to learn in, whatever that may be.
  • I thought that was a super fun box, I enjoyed every step user: If you understand what it's doing, you don't even need to write a line of code to reverse it root: I'm apparently opposite of everyone so far, as I thought root (I went intended way) w…
  • Type your comment> @peek said: (Quote) hmm, looking at the campaign it seems you haven't donated yet....why is that?
  • Type your comment> @Crafty said: (Quote) It's not a rabbit hole, you can actually use them even if you can do it without them
  • Type your comment> @cdf123 said: (Quote) oh wow, im a dummy, lol
  • rooted. I really enjoyed this one. Getting user was pretty hard for me, but if you follow the other advice in this thread you can get there root: Unless you've seen this trick before you are fucked imo (unless there is another way to do it, in whic…
  • If you are doing it on the command line and are sure you are doing it correctly, just keep trying, because I was getting too slow, and then finally got it, so it must be right on the edge of whatever the timer is.
  • rooted, but 12 hours too late. Had I got it lastnight before Jarvis was removed I'd be a hacker Sniff Sniff Learned a few things, one of which was ssh keys don't always have to be where I thought they did pm if you need a nudge
    in Postman Comment by Hilbert November 2019
  • @MrR3boot This was the most fun box I've done so far. I learned quite a bit! Big thanks to @sudneo for some key help user: If you've got creds but are frustrated because you aren't the user you want to be, there is more than one way to login as a u…
    in Mango Comment by Hilbert November 2019
  • Type your comment> @Impulse said: (Quote) I found this blog post, but only by accident, otherwise I never would have had the remotest chance of getting father (I'm a big noob). Curious to know the thought process of people who figured this out o…
    in Mango Comment by Hilbert November 2019
  • This was a super fun box. Privesc is usually super hard for me, even tho it took me forever to figure out how to get user and root shells, it was at least nice to know I was looking at the right things, I just had to figure out what was being done s…
  • This was my first active box, took me many days but I finally got it! It took reading every post in this thread, and tons of google and some much needed help from @grxsec and @mattva01 when I felt like I had exhausted all options. For the brute for…
    in Wall Comment by Hilbert October 2019

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