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  • I'm late to this party, but finally rooted. Interesting box to say the least. The thread definitely has everything you'd need for hints. Feel free do DM if you need an extra nudge.
  • Thank you for the challenge Akerva! Don't be like me and trip at the finish line. Made it way too complicated. PM for nudges.
  • Probably one of my favorite boxes to date. Really good logical flow and I'd agree with other posters that the difficulty advances as you progress through the box. My hint for root would be to read the other posts carefully and to echo a very recent…
  • This was a really cool box and I definitely learned some new tricks. Thank you @ekenas this was well done! DM for nudges.
  • This was a really good challenge. I definitely learned some new tricks for the future. Thank you @Baikuya for the challenge!
  • This is a nice box and really straight forward. My only advice is on root. I found there are multiple posted exploits for the vulnerability. Their payloads and how they instruct you to build your payloads will vary. Don't get discouraged if it doesn…
  • Rooted. Definitely some firsts on this box, especially with getting user. Special thanks to @Zaero for pulling me out of two massive rabbit holes. Just my opinion, but certainly thought that root was easier than user. My only tip is on getting user…
  • Three days later, but I rooted. Thank you @TazWake for helping be confirm my bearings. Thank you for the box @aas DM for nudges!
  • Rooted. I definitely should have read some of the comments on using the browser during the foothold as that cost me some serious time and anguish. My best advice is as follows: Foothold: docs are great, sometimes installing and seeing with your own…
  • Rooted. I'd never interacted with the service before. Definitely and interesting way to pivot. Name of the box matters. Thank you @ASHacker for the box! Feel free to DM for a nudge!
    in Cache Comment by Harbard July 11
  • Rooted. I spent a few days with this box. There were definitely some aspects that, looking back, I over complicated. One of the tough parts is that there's a lot of white noise. You're giving a lot of data that you can, ostensibly, exploit but it do…
    in Admirer Comment by Harbard July 10
  • Rooted. Looking back this box has a beautiful symmetry to it, but it was definitely a challenge for me. Thank you @VbScrub for a challenging and fulfilling box. The RE portion was brilliant! There's a lot of great comments in the thread that will …
    in Cascade Comment by Harbard July 6
  • I rooted it, but I paid for it. That was my first domain controller, so I learned a ton in the process. There are a lot of great tips in the thread. The only comment I have, and perhaps this was only my experience, but I noticed when running my win…
    in Sauna Comment by Harbard July 5
  • Got root, but it looks like through the unintended way. I found credentials for the intended way and am working on applying them. DM for nudges.
    in Remote Comment by Harbard June 21
  • I finally got root. I must admit, I think I was the opposite of most and priv esc to root took me the longest of any of the legs. I was definitely in the overthink community on that one. Thanks @egotisticalSW for the box!
  • Finally Rooted. I thought this was a good box and definitely taught me some new skills. I consider myself a beginner, so I'll just say to take each part (initial foothold, user, and root) individually. I found that iterating through the comments for…
    in Magic Comment by Harbard June 17

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