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  • @fr0ster Ok doing all of these challenges (and some of the boxes) requires a lot of LibC changes. The best "environment" I've been able to find that allows me to work on pwn's as well as systems like rope is this: Tools https://github.…
  • @21y4d Fantastic guide. This is spot on. I finished my AWAE exam a few weeks ago and this is some great advice. For @d1ss0 The AWAE (OSWE) is a very difficult exam. It is a departure from the "normal" exams. I have OSCP, OSCE, GXPE…
  • I also used recaf
    in Fatty Comment by Gridith February 28
  • Type your comment> @bu77er0verfl0w said: > Can someone confirm for the first 32bit binary are we looking for a type of exploit that rhymes with doormat ping? Did anyone actually exploit a BO in the first binary? You are correct sir. Well …
    in Rope Comment by Gridith February 28
  • I think, and I could be wrong, but the Grep For C hint was for when there was a basic auth turned on this server (which is now off I hear). You are correct there is something that will stop you from hammering this server with some requests...
  • Rooted. That was by far the toughest box I've worked on yet. Props to @Menessim for hints without giving away the "fun" path. I've learned more on this box than most of my training. kudos to @R4J
    in Rope Comment by Gridith November 2019
  • Type your comment> @Rawas said: (Quote) How many users are on the box... if your answer is 1 you havent found user yet.
    in Rope Comment by Gridith October 2019

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