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  • I've come to a stopping point for access to w-***a shell. I have access to C and as seen in the forum, the obvious fu vulns don't work. I've tried with a java shell as this is a supported file type and still no joy. Any DM's to get me from user1 to …
    in Registry Comment by GreyHat86 January 24
  • Type your comment> @Warlord711 said: (Quote) Nada.. l'll check my syntax over, i've tried the payload after plodding through pages in burp, a script and a curl command.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by GreyHat86 January 4
  • Can someone give me a nudge? found a possible R** for O***N******N. just want to check i'm not off down a rabbit hole.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by GreyHat86 January 4
  • I'm still fuzzing dirs, they're a tad slow.
    in OpenAdmin Comment by GreyHat86 January 4
  • Pays to keep it simple on this one and read things carefully. As others have said, all answers are on social media. Both files will unzip with the correct password.
  • Did anyone else get errors using E***-W****? using M**** and his PWD.
  • Rooted Foothold: Well know exploit for this service User: If you have rooted postman, you will know what to look for. If not. search directories for some interesting information that has been left behind. John will help you out with it. Roo…
  • Finally rooted this one, bit annoyed SSL made the difference between something working and something not working. i would have had the box a lot sooner if i'd known that. Enjoyed learning about a new service. Thanks @TheCyberGeek for the challenge…
  • Looking for a way forward, i feel the answer is staring me in the face. Gained an initial low priv shell through well known R**** vuln and found i*****.bak, retrieved the pw. Tried SSH with M*** and pw, no joy. Logged in to web int with un …
  • Any DM's on this would be a great help for foothold. Used R*****-**I and followed well published documents online regarding keys. Also found an exploit that gives me access with a shell prompt, however, no basic commands return anything. Do I have t…
  • Hi Everyone, completly new to Reverse Enginnering but eagar to learn. I've had a look at the file using radar2 and as expected most of the content makes no sense. Like most others, i've found the string in qurstion, however, i am struggling to see t…
  • i've tried knocking too but no one is answering
    in Safe Comment by GreyHat86 July 2019
  • That message has me stumped!!
    in Safe Comment by GreyHat86 July 2019
  • Maybe waste is a deterrent @odinshell
    in Safe Comment by GreyHat86 July 2019

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