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  • ARgh, this root thing is killing me. any hint on root enumeration via DM is appreciated. ya i know, it should be right in front of me and all the clues i need are in this thread. i've read them and still can't find the obvious. Edit: Finally ro…
  • Finally rooted after 2 days. Much thanks to @benlarsendk and @sportsfreak for hints but no spoilers along the way. learned a lot of stuff on this one! I managed to do it without some of the tools and methods hinted at in the posts which helped bu…
  • After 2 days of user, I finally timed out and got user. Root followed shortly. Thanks to @Echo99 for a nudge.
  • test
    in Hawk Comment by Gr00tIsR00t August 2018
  • two days to find that stupid enc file. rookie mistake.
    in Hawk Comment by Gr00tIsR00t August 2018
  • stuck.....trying to figure out how to scan this beast. will nmap work or should i be looking for a more specialer tool? :)
  • anyone working bounty that could pm me? got some rce on file upload but stuck on next steps. I have played with arch but can't get anything but 500.
  • got the password pretty quickly then moved to find where to use it. did some realworld pentesting techniques to get usernames. found the principal of the matter but need to crack it and hashcat and john don't recognize the format. update: Thanks …
  • (Quote) 100% agree. Just took and passed my OSCP and I did my first attempt with the mindset that I had to just get the 'unknown' taken care of.
  • @grov feel free to PM.
  • anybody on that can give a hint on how to use the zip?
    in Poison Comment by Gr00tIsR00t March 2018
  • (Quote) are you using a payload in msf? can you share your process of elimination without a spoiler?
  • no telegram. i'm running php files now. will focus on txt after as you suggest.
  • @r3byc i am. not getting anywhere. I believe the secret lies in the wordlist though.
  • hoping this isn't a spoiler but thought i'd share my experience after rooting this box. I was able to own the user quickly as much of you have done too. I could find key files that i needed to find but couldn't find out how they were doing what th…

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