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  • Yeah, I could use a bit of help on this one, I see the obvious path for the foothold but no idea how to trigger it. Would appreciate some reading material or a nudge
  • (Quote) IMO it's worth it, I think it's an all-round well designed lab for a solid pentest. However my skills (I think) are not yet up to par with OSCP level
  • (Quote) If you've got OSCP then it should be fine for your skills, one of the reviews says exactly this, the lab is great to do either before or right after OSCP I'm slowly doing the lab and I've got to say everything so far is rather simple withou…
  • (Quote) PM me if you want
  • @limelight I'm not sure since for some bizarre reason I'm still stuck on getting a foothold on the first machine... done a shit-ton of enumeration but nothing so far aside from a certain .txt file. One thing I could think of regarding your issue wo…
  • I've found something on the high port but not sure if I'm on the correct path, plus it seems like a dead end...
  • ok I'm having trouble finding the second flag, it should be something obvious right??
  • It comes and goes, I think people are really hammering the box
  • Yeah I'm having a bit of trouble as well, could use a nudge...
  • Man... wasted so much time on this... was the first thing I found but it took a looong time and some help to actually figure out what to do with it... Definitely not an obvious path to finding the flag. Fell into a rabbithole after I tried some basi…
  • Personally, this article helped me a lot:
  • Is the "mobile app" an important hint to access the portal or a rabbit hole?
    in Quick Comment by GlenRunciter April 25
  • looks like it's up now
    in Cascade Comment by GlenRunciter March 28
  • even the htb site seems a bit laggy to me :/
    in Cascade Comment by GlenRunciter March 28
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: (Quote) I'm almost positive it's meant to be open
    in Remote Comment by GlenRunciter March 22
  • is the lowest port a rabbithole?
    in Remote Comment by GlenRunciter March 21
  • Just watched your vid on and kerb pre auth, very good! A video on AD would me really helpful for me personally but for the whole htb community I think since as you said, a lot of people state that AD / Windows is their weakness. What I…
  • @TazWake said: (Quote) I do have a win box + VisualStudio and I'm trying to figure it out, it's been about 8 years since I last opened Visual studio lol I'll try and google around for an online way. thanks!
    in Nest Comment by GlenRunciter January 27
  • could someone please help me with the VB reversing? it's driving me insane
    in Nest Comment by GlenRunciter January 27
  • Is the high port needed for initial foothold/user? so far all i've done is enumerate some users on the obvious service and get access denied everywhere. hints are welcome :)
    in Nest Comment by GlenRunciter January 25
  • foothold is not answering back, do I need to alter something first?
  • CVE is driving me crazy, could use some help with it. I keep on getting an error on line 39 of the script "IndexError: list index out of range" Then I tried to take the manual route but eventhough my payload should be correct I don't get …
  • Can anyone explain to me why when i try to run the script with s*** -u p****r it asks for w**-***a password? i've tried upgrading shells but still get the same thing... I start by getting a restricted shell by s****p tool and i get the os-shell, a…
  • is the s*****5 hash = s***********t? I'm using the cracked pass with the usernames found in the c*****.txt in the script mentioned in the forums for username enumeration but no combination of usernames/passwords works for me...

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