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  • Hi guys, Just a quick update: I am keeping an eye on this thread to know what's up with the box. I've read that a lot of people are experiencing that the privesc part is unstable. After a couple of checks I did locally I can confirm that that's th…
    in Bankrobber Comment by Gioo October 2019
  • Hi all, I'm one of the creators of the box. Once you managed to obtain system privileges, then i'd like you to PM me how you did it as I'm very interested in how you guys found your way with the box. Just like my previous machine (Teacher) I'm tak…
  • Let me clear some things up about the initial part that a lot of people label as CTFish. The message I’m trying to broadcast is to always approach a website with your console open. I came up with the idea because of an assessment I did for a client …
    in Teacher Comment by Gioo April 2019
  • Type your comment> @J4C0814N said: (Quote) That's a really good idea. Mind sharing these settings somewhere? I want to share this idea with my colleagues since their exam will be within weeks.
  • Update: I passed. I think they subtract ~10 points from the total, which will result in 70 points. No idea if this is true, but to be honest, I couldn't care less at the moment :) Thanks all !
  • Type your comment> @seke said: (Quote) That's why ;)
    in Teacher Comment by Gioo March 2019
  • Be aware of the place where the file will be uploaded :).
  • While creating the box I was thinking whether to make the box realistic or original. So yes, I'm aware that the the way of finding the first password is highly unrealistic. But nonetheless, I hope people will learn something new.
    in Teacher Comment by Gioo December 2018
  • Got the exact same problem. Could you PM me aswell?
    in Solidstate Comment by Gioo October 2017

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