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  • Been through the whole thread, but still a little murky on privesc for root. I don't want to say much for sake of potential spoilers for others. I have user.txt already, have found the Area I need to be in for privesc, and am now trying to figure o…
  • ROOT (finally)! This box can be a real beast, so no one should feel bad if it takes you a bit. The syntax in the final stretch seems real picky. My problem ended up being a need to add LITERALLY just two letters to the command, and then done. Aweso…
  • I've got user, but root is killin' me. I've found the Z*********5 hint and the location where the meat of that actually lives, been reading the r**** docs most of the weekend, and messing around with syntax, but haven't had luck getting it to work y…
  • Hey all. I've got user, and I -think- I'm on the right path to root, but I'm having issues with decrypting a file. Used Im****** to get user info then download a .c**** file. Catch is, it looks like I have to decrypt it before I can get a hash out o…
  • Nah, I think that's normal. It's done that to me almost constantly for two weeks. Makes it hard to try anything for sake of having to reconnect every two minutes. It's finally behaving for me today, but I might have just gotten lucky.
  • Hey, everyone. :) I'm still pretty new at this, but I've got the second user and user flag, and now I'm just working on root. I'm pretty sure I know which tool I have to use to get there, and I've found a couple things in the man pages for it that l…

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