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  • Nice box! Learned a few things and got a lot better at using different tools. Foothold Do not get stuck in the rabbit hole that I did on the web piece. Return to your nmap scan and keep things simple. Make a simple config tweak and observe the new…
  • Rooted finally, after days and days of banging my head against my desk and scouring the internet and this forum for help. I really did learn a lot from the root exploit, but I also really hated it, because it was so finicky to get right, and it cert…
  • Just managed root. Have to say, not really a fan of foothold, but hey, it's a different concept from what I'm used to and this isn't real life anyway, so it's whatever. Getting both user and root were interesting tricks to add to my arsenal; I was a…
    in Traceback Comment by GNinja490 July 2020
  • Rooted, although I don't feel completely satisfied. I spent hours looking at the exploit and I understand how it works in general, but I didn't end up having to really enumerate for the connection string like I expected. The script I used just sort …
  • Alright just finished this one! User is actually not hard at all, but you have to learn to stop thinking so concretely and start thinking outside of the box a little. It's a Windows box, using Active Directory. What are some common username naming c…
    in Sauna Comment by GNinja490 April 2020
  • Managed to get root! I can definitely see why a lot of users are wanting to push this into the medium category. However, it is clear the creator does not expect anyone to be an expert at reverse engineering binaries. I was stuck for a while because …
    in Nest Comment by GNinja490 April 2020
  • Got root! This box really isn't as hard as it seems, though it took me some time. Tips for user: just enumerate for everything that seems valuable; when you find something, don't think too concretely, but rather try everything you can. I didn't even…
  • Just rooted the box! I actually really liked this one. Required me to do a bit of research to understand how to exploit anything. It's pretty straightforward if you're willing to be patient and read a bit of documentation. PM for help.
  • Ok, so I just managed root on this box, but it felt too easy...I could almost swear that someone altered something and just gave me the flag...
  • I also just rooted this box using the more difficult way people were talking about. If you'd like some hints, feel free to DM me!
  • Type your comment> @up2nogood said: (Quote) There's a remote python version you can use.
  • Finally rooted this box! Good lord, only took me a little over a week. Thanks to the creators for making this; I learned a lot about attacking AD than I thought I would! Also thanks to everyone here in the forums for all of your tips and guidance. C…
    in Forest Comment by GNinja490 January 2020

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