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  • Intercept every request your browser send and look at them. It is a good practice to do this everytime, so you can have a look at how the web app works. After this you should give some attention on the framework used and then use that to get inside …
  • Awesome challenge. Think smart about this one and connect the description and try to think how would it be possible to do that.
  • Type your comment> @FuxSocy said: (Quote) Definitely not a guessing step. My mistake. You have everything you need inside the tututututututututututututu :expressionless:
    in Zetta Comment by FuxSocy February 15
  • Finally got root on this box. It was a nice one, except for the last guessing step. I learned a ton on this. If you need help pm me. But first tell me what you did
    in Zetta Comment by FuxSocy February 15
  • I am inside the box at the moment, but I can't seem to find a way to continue my journey.
    in Zetta Comment by FuxSocy February 9
  • Type your comment> @nebulousanchor said: (Quote) Does video recording run smooth on vm? Or did you use one from your host to capture the vm?
  • Type your comment> @TestUserx said: (Quote) Try to find something good inside that exe. Also try to get something out of that empty file.
    in Nest Comment by FuxSocy January 28
  • Type your comment> @VbScrub said: (Quote) I am at the other step which needs to decrypt something.
    in Nest Comment by FuxSocy January 27
  • Advise to all.... If you copy code from your linux to your windows box please set a paste expiration time
    in Nest Comment by FuxSocy January 27
  • On the last step for root, Almost 2 hours on it, but unable to find the cause for that error. Until now great box, and I learned a lot.
    in Nest Comment by FuxSocy January 27
  • Rooted, learned a lot from this box.
  • Just rooted it, WOW this box was fire :D
    in AI Comment by FuxSocy November 2019
  • got user, but needed some help to clear my mind!
  • To jump from one user to another check more on the login!
    in Mango Comment by FuxSocy November 2019
  • Having troubles, with root, if anyone can help me please send a message, I will make sure to tell you what I did so far.
    in Forest Comment by FuxSocy October 2019
  • Thanks @ch4p for the great experience! For those of you who are getting hard time on this box, don't give up. If you can't do it today, get some sleep and try again. For user you need to adjust some things on your favour, and for root you have it al…
    in Swagshop Comment by FuxSocy May 2019
  • Type your comment> @utkarsh123 said: (Quote) check the other port
  • User and Root flags on my pocket! But... but.... was anyone able to get a root shell? If so I would be happy to talk about!
    in Teacher Comment by FuxSocy March 2019
  • Can I send someone a message, so I can talk about root, I have found a way I think but I am unable to progress!
    in Fortune Comment by FuxSocy March 2019
  • You can perhaps give us more info about what have you tried so far! Which version are you trying to run, and using which OS!
  • Got User after an hour or so, I had to read about new things here and there, but I know in the end of the day I learned new things! Let's go for root!
    in Fortune Comment by FuxSocy March 2019
  • Rooted After a long time trying and failing to get root. If someone needs help! PM me! Always glad to learn other ways and help other! Ps: No solution given!
  • Someone which want's to talk about the way he got user. I was able to get user but unable to do it again.... Something I am missing
  • Okay into user.txt, this box does not seems like a easy one, at least for me and for the other noobs out there! Anyway If any help needed you can pm me "BUT FIRST SAY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE" :)
    in Chaos Comment by FuxSocy December 2018
  • g0t r00t... drop me a message If you need help :)
  • (Quote) Sure Send message!
    in Zipper Comment by FuxSocy December 2018
  • (Image) Done :cold_sweat:
  • But whyy isn't working :(
  • {Don't mind this just testing my signature :disappointed: } wwww
    in Valentine Comment by FuxSocy May 2018

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